The New Semi Vertical OBERON S by Freor

Date: 12 March 2024
The New Semi Vertical OBERON S by Freor

The medium-height semi vertical cabinet OBERON S is an ideal space-saving solution for stores with limited floor space. Its curved glass design panoramic walls offer excellent product visibility at the customer’s eye level, making it a perfect choice for encouraging impulse purchases at the most crowded shopping places. For better flexibility, the cabinet shelves can be inclined to suit your product presentation needs. The cabinet can operate on any wanted system and refrigerant. It can stand alone or be connected into rows of desired length to fulfill your layout needs.


  • Alternative lengths
  • Panoramic sidewalls
  • Wide choice of colors for the exterior and interior (RAL palette)
  • Control panel
  • Thermometer (solar-powered or electronic)
  • Polyurethane thermal insulation CFC free.


  • Price holder
  • Shelf board
  • Wire shelf board
  • Plexiglass fence for shelf
  • Wire fence for shelf
  • Wire fence for bottom deck.


  • Canopy LED lighting
  • Shelf lighting
  • Front glass packet (saves up to 15 % of energy)
  • Defrost heater.

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