The new universal IAQ instrument testo 400

Date: 04 March 2022
The new universal IAQ instrument testo 400
The newly launched testo 400 is a universal measuring instrument for all air flow and IAQ applications, and impresses with its smart technology, user-friendliness, and versatility.

Testo have launched a new multifunction IAQ measuring instrument to the UK market. The testo 400 offers innovative functions which make the user’s job easier in every way, and allow reliable, norm-compliant measurement and documentation.

The extensive range of probes available for the testo 400 is among the broadest on the market. Testo’s popular series of Smart Probes can also be connected to the instrument, meaning it will slot in seamlessly into many engineers existing toolbags.

Wide application range and universally applicable

The new testo 400 has been designed to allow buildings ventilation and IAQ engineers to cover a wide range of potential applications including airflow measurement within ducts and outlets, plus measurement of many IAQ parameters such as ambient CO2, temperature, and humidity. Test routines for PMV/PPD thermal comfort calculation are also part of the capability for the testo 400. And, thanks to the broad selection of probes, all IAQ, ventilation and comfort parameters can be precisely and reliably measured.

Features of the testo 400 include:
  • Measurement assistant – clearly structured measurement menus which guide the user safely and easily through the whole application. Plus a traffic-light system to evaluate measurement results objectively and unambiguously (norm-compliant and error-free!)
  • Long term datalogging – An optional accessory data logger allows connection for up 6 cable probes for flexible datalogging. While the stand-alone data logger is carrying out measurements, you can use testo 400 elsewhere.
  • Always ready to go – When probes need to be calibrated this can be done independently of the testo 400 unit, meaning you can continue to use alternative probes while others are in service.
  • Time saving features – On-site documentation and reports for you and your customer. Reports and customer data can be conveniently sent by e-mail and are also stored in the instrument.
  • ‘Hot-swap’ capability – hot swap on probes saves time when changing probes between applications.

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