The Siemens Climatix for HVAC controls

Date: 10 July 2018
The Climatix product range has both standardized and customizable control solutions that are designed for scalability, and operation in any type of OEM heating, ventilation and air conditioning application. The Siemens designs for Climatix controllers are based on in depth application expertise and decades of experience in manufacturing HVAC controls.

Climatix controllers

Based on a modular design concept, the Climatix 600 controllers can be combined with a range of controllers, extension I/O modules, communication interfaces, HMIs, and programming tools, to create a flexible and robust solution. The Climatix 400 controllers with dedicated hardware are and adaptable and cost-optimized for compact chiller/heat pump, and ventilation systems, in both residential and light commercial plants. Communication modules
  • Simultaneous connection of up to 3 modules to the same controller
  • Straightforward installation in the field
  • Full integration into BACS via standard open protocols
  • Seamless integration into Siemens BACS Desigo or Apogee
Climatix extension I/O modules
  • Each module available with specific I/O types and number to fit HVAC applications
  • Universal I/O mix for high level of flexibility
  • On-board power supply for active sensors (AC 24 V, DC 5 V
  • Embedded motor drivers for electronically controlled valves (ECV
  • Reliable operation in the event of power failure or communication breakdown
  • Quick addressing via DIP switches
Climatix user interfaces Climatix user interfaces are an extensive range of human machine interfaces (HMI) that include room units and touch screens. These products are designed for use with compact and advanced HVAC equipment and comply with worldwide certification, directives and regulations. Climatix engineering tools Climatix controllers can be freely programmed by SAPRO, enabling customers to develop specific functions for efficient application design. SAPRO provides proven libraries for air conditioning, refrigeration and district heating, all designed for helping OEMs to create customized functionalities and minimize development time. To reliably test the programmed application, SAPRO provides a powerful digital test capability directly on the target device. Climatix controllers can be commissioned via Climatix HMIs, by browsing the HMI@Web or by the SCOPE commissioning tool. With SCOPE, all available settings can be accessed over USB, IP, modem, or LON.
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