Thermo Fisher Scientific earns EPA ENERGY STAR certification

The EPA certification applies to the company’s ultra low-temperature hydrocarbon freezers. Thermo Fisher Scientific has earned an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ENERGY STAR certification for its energy-efficient, ultra-low-temperature laboratory freezers that operate using hydrocarbons R290 and R170. The certification applies to all of Thermo Fisher Scientific’s freezer lines, including the TSX, Forma 89000, Revco RLE, TLE and HERAfreeze HLE Series refrigeration systems. “It’s our mission to enable our customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer,” said Eric Roman, president of laboratory products at Thermo Fisher Scientific, “beginning with the equipment they use in their lab.” Thermo Fisher Scientific’s TSX series – cascade refrigeration systems that use R290 and R170 – were the first laboratory-grade refrigeration systems to get ENERGY STAR certification earlier this year. The EPA ENERGY STAR certification program is nearly 25 years old and was expanded to include standards for lab equipment used for cold storage of biological specimens and non-volatile reagents last year. Efforts put forth by the ENERGY STAR program to recognize energy-efficient products have meant a reduction in 2.5 billion tons of greenhouse gases, and savings of $362 billion on utility bills since 1992. “We are thrilled to receive the ENERGY STAR mark for our ultra-low cold storage solutions,” Roman said, “and are proud to offer continued support for this important program.” Source:
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