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Date: 28 June 2014
Company History "Termofin" began 12 years ago with the founding thermofin GmbH Willy Leffler and his son Bernd Leffler, and construction of the first production facilities in eastern Germany. Already in September 2003 rolled off the first heat exchanger, and the staff of the company consisted of just six people. By the way, now the production of heat exchange equipment brands in Germany thermofin successfully employs more than 270 employees. Right development strategy, production, effective management and efficient staff - all this will not only make the work of a stable and clear, but also to bring to the level of the need to increase capacity. Therefore, in July 2010 the company begins construction of the production line and in May 2011 a second plant was ready for the launch and release of products. Today we can confidently call himself one of the leading European manufacturers of heat transfer equipment. Our technique is used for refrigeration and air conditioning industry: for low-and medium-storage facilities for equipment from poultry and meat processing plants for food in supermarkets. As well as air conditioning systems data centers, air preparation systems indoor ice arenas and the ski slopes. Since 2007 the company is also active in the field of cooling gas turbine engines. The first projects in this new direction for the company were sold and installed at sites in India, Saudi Arabia, China, Russia, the Netherlands and other countries. thermofin1 thermofin2 What is the secret of such a successful, stable work? Our three components of success: high quality products, an individual approach to each new project and client, professionalism and enthusiasm of our employees. German quality products at all times considered the standard, and we as a supplier that produces all its equipment in Germany and owns the most advanced European technologies, hold the bar for quality of our products at the highest level. Thermofin uses materials and components only European manufacturers. Equipment for assembly lines and tools acquired only from the world market leader of technological equipment. Automation of the main assembly processes allows us to optimize production time and eliminate the human factor as much as possible. Network data processing system, which controls the direction of production, ensures the efficiency of production processes. The main goal of our policy on product stewardship - to earn the trust of our customers. We are certified according to the standards DINENISO 9001:2008 and continuously improving quality management system in the enterprise. Through the use of modern production technologies and regular inspections of the quality standard, we can guarantee the reliability of our products. What is the advantage thermofin? Along with the improvement of the standard line and release of heat exchange equipment commercial and industrial series production program thermofin can count, design and of substandard gotavlivat-exchange equipment. As a competent and professional partner to address your individual problems, our company has for this purpose all the technical and manufacturing capabilities. We offer our clients the equipment that best meets all the requirements of refrigeration or air conditioning system, in accordance with the conditions and temperature regimes. Our specialty - non-standard products according to customer request. You send us your specification and get equipment produced exclusively for you! thermofin4 thermofin3 Our employees - our pride Our employees - are experienced and competent professionals with knowledge and skills necessary for the development, design, engineering and production of high quality equipment. Young qualified staff of project, design department and production site is regularly trained at workshops and training courses and certification. Thermofin engineers are always ready to provide technical support, offer a professional solution in the selection of condensers, evaporators, shock-Froster, dry coolers, air coolers and heat exchange units for any coolants (CFC, brine, ammonia). We do not stand still Thermofin products distributed worldwide. Our sales office in Russia, Ukraine, France, the Netherlands, Brazil, Argentina, India and the Philippines. One of the first in 2005 was opened representative office in Russia. Successful and stable work of the Moscow office and the growing Russian market refrigeration became the basis for the next stage of rapid development of our company - opening a production site in Russia. We believe this will allow us to implement the objectives and needs of our existing and future customers in the shortest possible time and with the same high quality as the main principle of production in Russia - German technology continuity management system.
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