Toshiba Carrier u-Series heat recovery unit

Date: 29 January 2024
Toshiba Carrier u-Series heat recovery unit
Carrier’s latest addition to the Toshiba Carrier u-Series portfolio, a heat recovery unit, debuted at the AHR Expo hosted in Chicago. The u-Series lineup is a globally-recognized, next generation, three-phase, full line of VRF equipment for commercial and large residential needs. The most recent launch is one of several planned for the lineup.

Designed to perform, the u-Series manages the heating, cooling and fresh air input into offices, K-12 schools, hotels, restaurants, and large single and multi-family housing, with connection flexibility. The new u-Series product line offers an extended operating range, along with an updated communication protocol and service tool. Carrier’s industry-leading innovations offer a highly flexible, industry-leading system with efficient, quiet and space-saving solutions.

The Toshiba Carrier u-Series heat recovery unit features benefits such as:
  • Smaller footprint with higher efficiency and capacity.
  • Addition of an 'Elite Heat' heat recovery unit to provide additional heating performance for cold climates.
  • In addition to the twin rotary, a triple rotary compressor option allowing for a larger refrigerant displacement and reduction in compressors per module.
  • Design flexibility between a single unit (1,640 ft.) and a module unit (3,937 ft.), an increase of almost 700 ft. of piping.
  • Low ambient cooling down to -10 F.
  • New low ambient heating performance down to -22 F for the standard heat recovery unit and to -30 F for the new 'Elite Heat' Heat Recovery unit.
  • Advanced communications protocols through the Carrier Service Tool making it easier to access and service.
“The award-winning Toshiba Carrier u-Series line and new heat recovery unit has unlimited application, ensuring there is a solution for every customer,” said Paul Rebelo, Managing Director for Ductless and VRF, Carrier. “The updated chassis and communication protocols and high efficiency and high heat tier product line make it ideal for virtually any VRF application.”
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