Trane Adds Carbon Dioxide and Occupancy Sensors to Air-Fi Wireless System

Trane, a leading global provider of indoor comfort solutions and services and a brand of Ingersoll Rand, now offers Trane Air-Fi wireless system for buildings controls with carbon dioxide and occupancy sensors. With this addition, facility directors can now use one device to measure temperature, relative humidity, CO2 and occupancy status without the use of wires, resulting in lower installation costs, streamlined processes and ease of operation. Trane Air-Fi wireless technology replaces the need for wired building controls, allowing installations to be completed quickly with less disruption to occupants in existing buildings, while also providing greater reliability, simplified installation and more flexibility as building spaces change. The wireless sensors are easy to move or replace, as needed, to resolve issues related to sensing accuracy, aesthetics or reconfigured spaces. “Many facility directors face challenges connected to maintenance and repair with traditional wired building controls systems,” said Dave Molin, vice president of controls, Trane. “Trane Air-Fi wireless is a comprehensive solution that provides customers with easy problem solving, efficient performance and cost savings over the life of the equipment.” Air-Fi can help optimize any building’s performance with less risk, thanks to self-repairing mesh technology that features redundant signal paths to help prevent communication failures. Trane offers a typical 200-foot indoor signal range that extends up to a half-mile when unobstructed for even greater levels of signal reliability. Lifetime batteries* - enabled by advanced, low-power sensing technology developed by Trane – provide a maintenance-free solution that does not require battery replacement for the life of the system in most installations. *Based on typical indoor operating conditions in commercial offices. Read More

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