Trane Introduces New Air-to-Water Heat Pump with Screw Compressor Technology

Date: 06 May 2021
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Trane introduced the RTXC, its first European air-to-water heat pump with proprietary screw compressor technology. Offering market leading efficiencies, renowned reliability of the screw compressor and wide operating map, the RTXC meets the requirements for robust and high-performance comfort cooling and heating across Europe.

The Trane screw compressor technology enables the RTXC heat pump to continuously control its capacity, which significantly enhances the water temperature stability. The performance is managed by the Trane Tracer UC800 adaptive controller, which can keep the unit running despite the most challenging conditions and occurrences, when other units would simply shut down.

Office buildings, hospitals, hotels and other buildings requiring energy efficient comfort cooling and heating system can now benefit from the Trane RTXC market leading efficiency. With up to 20 percent better efficiency than competitive units, and coefficient of performance (COP) level of 3.5, the Trane RTXC offers lower operating costs and reduces the energy intensity of the building. Market leading operating map and the ability to deliver 55 degrees Celsius of heating at an ambient temperature as low as -10 degrees Celsius makes the RTXC an ideal solution for comfort heating applications across Europe.

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