Trane Introduces Next Generation Balance

Trane introduces Balance CMAC, the next generationmulti-pipe heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system for simultaneous heating and cooling. Trane Balance can be configured in more than 100 different ways for multifunctional buildings like large office buildings, hospitals, theatres and hotels that need simultaneous heating and cooling in different areas. It uses renewable energy and can repurpose energy rejected from the compressor during cooling to heat buildings. Energy is recovered through a simplified multi-pipe unit that simultaneously delivers hot and chilled water, versus a separate boiler and chiller. This reduces investment costs, use of floor space and total operating expenses while improving the sustainability of operations for the building owner. “We’re proud to introduce the next generation of Balance, which has unmatched versatility and is one of the most efficient technologies for providing heating and cooling at the same time,” said Jose La Loggia, vice president and general manager of Trane in Europe. “Thetime is right for customers to select efficient systems that use renewable energy sources. Systems like the Trane Balance make good sense for sustainable operations and are responsible to the environment. Buildings owners can feel confident that they are making the right decisions for their building.” Additional sustainability benefits from the Trane Balance system comes from the fact that the energy is distributed through water, versus refrigerant, reducing refrigerant piping and risk of leakage. It is also one of the first multi-pipe units on the market to earn Eurovent certification, which is a voluntary industry performance standard certifying the performance ratings of air-conditioning and refrigeration products. Some additional benefits of the Trane Balancesystem are:
  • Each unit includes Trane’s latest intelligent building controls technology - Tracer UC800 with TD7 AdaptiView - for greater system intelligence, and provides facility managers withincreased control of the unit. The controller allows them to remotely manage and respond to a variety of conditions and maintain efficient operation with various pre-programmed operatingmodes.
  • The new innovative Intermediate Discharge Valve (IDV) scroll compressor technology is included for higher performance and increased seasonal energy efficiency.
  • Innovative fan and compressor configuration choices, improved part load efficiency, larger operating maps and more efficiency levels and various sound packages options.
The performance of the units is tested and validated in the Trane state-of-the-art testing facility in Epinal, France, where all units are confirmed to be compliant with Ecodesign regulations. The industry-leading test facility is approved to test HVAC products inaccordance to the highest industry standards, including for example, the European Standard EN 14511, and Eurovent requirements.
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