Ultra-slim refrigerated cabinet for ultra-small kitchens

Williams Refrigeration expanded the ‘Small Kitchen’ range of slimline refrigeration with the launch of the Jade J300 – with a footprint of just 595mm by 684mm, it’s our slimmest-ever upright cabinet. As operators go for smaller and smaller kitchens, the demand for compact fridges is increasing rapidly.  However, compact doesn’t mean inferior: chefs still need quality that can cope with pressure, lots of door openings and ambient temperatures up to 43°C.  That’s why Williams continues to base its compact fridges around the flagship Jade model. The J300 features all the characteristics that chefs love about our Jade cabinets: a tough construction, with stainless steel exterior and interior base; 80mm thick, high performance insulation (with low GWP and zero ODP); an enhanced internal airflow design that provides constant temperature throughout the cabinet; and our energy-saving CoolSmart electronic controller. Despite its ultra-slim footprint, the J300 has a storage capacity of just over 335 litres.  Its bottom-mounted refrigeration makes it ideal for kitchens with low ceilings, since there’s plenty of room for heat from the system to dissipate, as well as giving easy access for servicing and maintenance. The J300 joins our recently launched J400 and J500 models, collectively they offer a choice of compact refrigeration that will help operators and kitchen designers maximise available storage space. The J300 is available in both chilled (1 to 4°C) and freezer (-18 to -21°C) versions.
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