Updated Trane Mobile TOPSS Product Selection Tool Helps HVAC Professionals Quickly and Accurately Select Air-Handling Units


Trane, a brand of Ingersoll Rand, announced the addition of the Performance Climate Changer portfolio to Mobile TOPSS (Trane Official Product Selection System), a web-based product selection tool that helps engineers and contractors determine the Trane system that best meets their project needs.

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Mobile TOPSS provides an interactive experience that allows engineers and contractors to quickly choose the dimensions, weight and performance data they need to ensure the right air-handling unit (AHU) is selected for a project. Users also have the option to save common configurations for future use, cutting back on time spent duplicating work on other projects.

Having accurate configurations ensures the right AHU is selected for a project. The 3D product configuration view offers enhanced visual graphics so engineers and contractors can see what’s in the unit and easily determine if it is configured to meet the project’s specifications.

“Trane is committed to providing new and innovative tools that help HVAC professionals be more productive in the office, at home and on the jobsite,” said Marcela Nino, airside business leader, Trane. “The addition of the Performance Climate Changer portfolio to Mobile TOPSS provides users with easy access to the latest AHU solutions from Trane that are designed and built to meet their exact specifications and goals.”

The selection process for Performance Climate Changer in Mobile TOPPS features dimensional drawings, wiring diagrams and product reports to provide an in-depth understanding of what each selected unit will include and require when it is installed. It also simplifies the selection of controls, allowing the user to choose a solution rather than just the equipment.

Performance Climate Changer product data is consistently and automatically updated, providing the most current product changes to Mobile TOPSS users.


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