VeriSolutions Uses AT&T IoT Technology for temperature monitoring


VeriSolutions is teaming with AT&T to automate and help simplify compliance with food safety guidelines.

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VeriSolutions’ platform features a temperature monitoring solution that uses AT&T IoT technology to gain insight into equipment. The VeriSolutions platform consists of:
    <li>Sensors with an embedded AT&T Global SIM that collect temperature and humidity data.</li>
    <li>A data analytics hub that collects and aggregates sensor information.</li>
    <li>A user interface, powered by AT&T Control Center, that monitors the sensors, provides near real-time diagnostics and provisioning, and sends alerts, notifications and reports on their activity.</li>
With the connected restaurant solution, employees can:
    <li>Take immediate action on unusual sensor activity – saving time, money and, most importantly, help prevent food contamination.</li>
    <li>Be alerted to problems, like malfunctioning refrigeration and food spoilage</li>
    <li>Benefit from automated compliance of the traditionally manual process for the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) System, which is designed to address end-to-end food safety.</li>
    <li>Spend time on customer experience, not logging temperatures.</li>
Everyone knows good, fresh food is key to a restaurant’s success. Most don’t know the measures restaurant managers must take to ensure customers have the best quality.

“One of the worst things for a restaurant owner is arriving that day to find their walk-in refrigerator has malfunctioned”, said Mat Barnwell, VP of Sales at VeriSolutions. “With our connected solution, they are notified when the cooler temperature is out of threshold range  – helping prevent a loss of thousands of dollars worth of inventory.”


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