Viessmann present newly designed refrigerated counter TectoServe DC1 Emilie

Before, there were two options - a cabinet to sell packaged products, or a serve-over counter for fresh goods. Never both. Until now. TectoServe DC1 Emilie is a unique serve-over concept, which combines service and self-service into one cabinet. The cabinet consists of two layers - the upper deck is designed for serve-over sales with unpackaged fresh food and the lower deck is for self-service sales. However, with the innovative glass mechanism the upper deck can be easily switched into self-service mode.

Most efficient use of staff and space

Thanks to the structure design, TectoServe DC1 Emilie  offers 50% more display area compared to traditional serve-over counters in the same floor space. The whole display space can be in efficient use at all times, because there is no need to shut down the upper deck. During slower hours upper part can be switched into self-service mode and the staff behind the counter is relieved for other duties.

Key benefits

  • More display area compared to traditional counters
  • Efficient use of staff
  • Food display that will increase the sales
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