By extending the glanded pump series Wilo-CronoBloc-BL, the Dortmund-based pump manufacturer is significantly improving its competitive edge, in particular where high delivery heads and volumes are concerned. The company’s innovative development has delivered a pump that is highly cost-efficient while optimising the series for easier installation and maintenance handling. “The trends towards urbanisation and increased modernisation activity within cities result in higher demands for the pumping of water. It is in particular the cities in the so-called ‘emerging countries’ such as Russia and China that have a demand for products which are able to reliably deliver the required pressure all the way up to the top floors”, Wilo product manager Kerstin Dieckmann explains. “Across the globe, more and more high-rise buildings higher than 150 metres are being constructed and these buildings need compact products for the limited space in their technical rooms. By adding the new product families, we are one step closer to approaching our goal of offering the most sophisticated and comprehensive range of glanded pumps, which means that our customers have access to a highly flexible range of products.” With engines of up to 90 kW, the CronoBloc-BL product family now covers a much wider range of duty points. The customer can select the pump best suited to his individual requirements right at the outset. State-of-the-art pump hydraulics powered by specifically tuned impellers, pump housings and gap dimensions deliver the highest hydraulic efficiency and keep life cycle costs down. Cartridge construction for comfortable maintenance In addition to fitting feet to the pump housing for easier installation, Mrs Dieckmann also notes that Wilo has optimised the CronoBloc product family in terms of maintenance convenience: “Our ‘back pull-out’ design with a cartridge-design mechanical seal offers significant time-savings when carrying out maintenance works. This process is usually quite difficult for large engines – or when working in small, confined spaces. Our new cartridge construction means that the engine no longer has to be removed when changing the mechanical seal, the coupling guard can now simply be lifted and the mechanical seal can be removed and exchanged – done.” Supporting blocks are now available for the CronoBloc for safely fixing the pump on the base plate. Furthermore, the supporting blocks equalise the difference in height between the pump and the motor in case the pump housing is larger than the axle height of the motor, and vice-versa. This prevents the pump from running irregularly and a potential premature wear of the mechanical seal. Full flexibility The entire series has been developed in accordance with EN 733 standards and offers motor sizes from 0.37 to 90 kW. The series now covers a much larger field of application with its delivery head of up to 104 metres and a flow rate of up to 620 m3/h. A variety of impeller materials are available, making the pump a flexible solution for use in a wide range of applications. Bronze and stainless steel impellers are available in addition to the standard cast iron model. With its new hydraulics design and reduced noise and vibration emissions, the CronoBloc-BL scores excellent marks when it comes to life cycle costs. The proven cataphoretic coating of all cast iron components forms a shield against corrosion and extends the service life of the pump. “We are delighted to see the continuous expansion of our portfolio of monobloc pumps offering our customers efficient products featuring an impressive range of benefits, including in terms of installation and maintenance.”

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