YORK Amichi Series Air-cooled DC Inverter Scroll Chillers and Heat Pumps

The YORK Amichi Series (45-260 kW) is a no-compromise solution that delivers industry-leading efficiency, unmatched flexibility, world-class sound performance, extensive control capability and long-lasting reliability. These highly optimized designs use advanced components and innovative thinking to provide the best-in-class performance only the world-leader in chiller solutions could deliver. The YORK Amichi Series Air-cooled DC Inverter Scroll Chiller and Heat Pump have been designed to meet tomorrow’s efficiency standards today. Delivering performance beyond typical chiller and heat pump efficiency levels, the YORK Amichi Series meets or exceeds stringent regulatory requirements (see chart, below) through an optimized combination of YORK efficiency enhancing technologies. Direct current (DC) inverter technology provides variable capacity control and allows Amichi Series chiller compressors to operate more efficiently across all cooling-load and ambient temperature conditions versus constant-speed chillers that use a step unloading design. Electronically commutated (EC) fans use more efficient motors and better aerodynamics to improve overall system efficiency and sound performance, particularly at part-load. At reduced ambient temperatures, the head pressure control varies fan speeds to optimize the system efficiency and ensure reliable operation. This combination of variable speed compressor and fans provides a displacement power factor as high as 0.93, lowering electricity costs. High efficiency brazed plate heat exchanger uses less refrigerant and transfers heat from the liquid to refrigerant more efficiently, providing excellent heat transfer performance in a compact size. This also results in a lower water side pressure drop, allowing the use of smaller pumps and further minimizing building power consumption. Tandem compressor design uses several circuits, which improves off-design and part-load efficiency by using the entire surface area of the heat exchanger at all conditions while also providing partial redundancy. Read More
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