Zanotti pushing CO2 units for food refrigeration


Zanotti’s latest innovation in its natural refrigerant-line of products is the MONOBLOC CO<sub>2</sub> unit, suitable for industrial refrigeration. Operating in the transcritical cycle to preserve frozen products, the units are designed with a three to 22kW power range, are ready-to-use, and can be installed quickly in medium to large capacity cold rooms.

For frozen food:

MONOBLOC industrial CO<sub>2</sub> units, semi-hermetic compressors.

For supermarkets and large logistics centres, Zanotti offers CO<sub>2</sub> multi-compressor systems in both subcritical and transcritical cycles, for small, medium and large capacity applications. The new generation of systems deliver high performance by using hermetic, semi-hermetic or screw compressors with speed control and variable compression for high efficiency.

For fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, dairy and ice cream:

CO<sub>2</sub> multi-compressor racks which<strong> </strong>operate at medium temperature and include: flash gas heat exchangers, liquid sub-cooling, and safety systems.


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