AEFYT encourages the use of a2l refrigerants with the creation of a new working group

Date: 26 February 2021

AEFYT, Association of Companies of the cold and its technology, has created a new working group to promote the development and promotion of a2l refrigerants which are part of more than 20 leading companies in the research, manufacture and commercialization of this type of refrigerants. The a2l class of fluids, which is slightly flammable, was included in the safety regulation of refrigeration installations approved at the end of 2019 and, since then, its use is experiencing a sustained growth in refrigeration installations thanks to its good energy and refrigeration performance.

Among its objectives, this Working Group will promote the development of technical-commercial documentation for dissemination in the refrigeration sector, with special emphasis on users and applications. One of its objectives is to disseminate the necessary safety measures for its use, as well as the need to always have certified installers, which are a guarantee of safety, energy efficiency and good functioning of refrigeration systems.

"Given the commitment to higher energy efficiency and optimal performance in refrigeration facilities, group a2l refrigerants are playing an increasingly important role in the future. Knowledge of this kind of fluid safety is very important for installation companies and cold users to use them with total confidence,” said Manuel Lamúa, manager of AEFYT.

The Association has been participating for some years in different forums in which progress in the field of refrigerants is analyzed, as well as periodically offering specific training courses. The important effort of the cold industry in recent years to reduce emissions and increase energy efficiency has resulted in a large catalog of refrigerants of all types, in which a2l refrigerants have made a very important gap.

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