On the lookout for the oldest BITZER compressors

Date: 08 January 2021
On the lookout for the oldest BITZER compressors

Who has the oldest BITZER reciprocating or screw compressor which is still in operation? BITZER is launching a competition to find it out and will be on the lookout for the oldest compressors until 15 March 2021. Participants have the chance to win great prizes.

Ever since the company was established over 85 years ago, BITZER has been a pioneer in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry in terms of quality and durability. The specialist in refrigeration and air conditioning technology has now launched a social media campaign to find the oldest reciprocating and screw compressors from BITZER which are still in operation. Participants who find the oldest compressors can win great prizes in both categories of compressor technologies: Every prize includes a webinar of the winner’s choice from the SCHAUFLER Academy, a wireless Jabra headset and a BITZER office package.

How to participate

Customers who have authentic BITZER reciprocating or screw compressors in operation should send the following photos and information to socialmedia@bitzer.de:

  • a picture of the compressor, its name plate and the compressor installed in the system

  • information about the model and location of the system

  • the name of the operator of the system

  • own contact details

The full terms and conditions of participation are available in the BITZER COMPACT magazine: On the lookout for the oldest BITZER compressors - COMPACT (bitzer-compact.de)

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