World Refrigeration Day Announces 2024 Theme: “Temperature Matters...Absolutely!”

Date: 10 June 2024
World Refrigeration Day Announces 2024 Theme: “Temperature Matters...Absolutely!”
World Refrigeration Day Announces 2024 Theme: “Temperature Matters...Absolutely!”
World Refrigeration Day (WRD) celebrates the people and technologies that create and maintain temperature-controlled environments essential to our world. Supported globally by industry, professional groups, scientific and engineering associations, governments, and individuals, the event is centered around June 26.

The theme for this year’s World Refrigeration Day, "Temperature Matters," will highlight the critical role of the refrigeration, air conditioning, and heat pump industry in maintaining indoor environmental quality. This year also marks the bicentenary of Lord Kelvin, a pioneer in thermodynamics known for the absolute temperature scale, making the theme particularly significant.

Stephen Gill stated, "Temperature control is crucial not only for comfort and health but also for preserving food, medicines, and industrial processes. Temperature can mean the difference between life and death; temperature matters – absolutely."

WRD 2024 will explore the relevance of thermodynamics in today's world of escalating energy demands and climate change, emphasizing efficient temperature control's importance for sustainable development and human comfort. The campaign will spotlight the industry’s technical expertise in providing cooled and heated environments, underscoring temperature control's significance in daily life.

The event will also highlight the industry's contributions to maintaining food and medicine supply chains, effective heating, and creating healthier, comfortable environments with cleaner air. WRD 2024 will feature global initiatives aimed at educating the public on the various applications of these technologies.

The broad theme "Temperature Matters" allows for a universal focus, enabling global engagement and discussion about the sector's extensive impact. Stephen Gill emphasized, “This broad theme allows people worldwide to address local issues and target audiences. By focusing on a universal theme, WRD 2024 aims to foster global recognition and discussion about the sector’s wide-ranging impact.”

The campaign will promote career opportunities in the HVACR/RACHP sector, encouraging schools and colleges to explore diverse and impactful industry roles.

About World Refrigeration Day:

Founded in 2019, World Refrigeration Day is an international initiative that raises awareness of the benefits of cooling and inspires the development and adoption of innovative and sustainable cooling solutions by the public, governments, industry, and practitioners for the wellbeing of future generations. Activities take place on and around June 26 annually.
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