Hypermarket with CO2 transcritical refrigeration system

Where: Russia , Central
End user: Globus
Contractor: KrioFrost Engineering


Two transcritical booster refrigeration units on carbon dioxide produced by TehnoFrost company are responsible for the cold supply of all consumers in the sales area of ​​the hypermarket, as well as low and medium temperature chambers, processing equipment and workshops. Their total refrigerating capacity is about 1 Megawatt, which makes the Globus hypermarket in Moscow one of the largest facility using a transcritical CO2 solution in Russia.

The first transcritical carbon dioxide booster unit is based on 10 Bitzer compressors and provides cold to all equipment in the sales area.

The second unit is based on 11 Bitzer compressors, and provides cold to mid and low temperature cameras and technological equipment such as ice makers etc. It cools the shop with the help of the intermediate coolant ХНТ-SNV-40. For the cycle with coolant ХНТ-SNV-40, a 260 kW plate heat exchanger is integrated into the system, which allows cooling the working substance to +2°С using carbon dioxide. In the cold season an air heat exchanger is used to cool the XHT-SNV-40, operating in free-cooling mode.

Еach transcritical carbon dioxide booster refrigeration unit is equipped with a heat recovery system that uses high-grade energy from the discharge line to heat water for the needs of hot water supply and heating, which makes it possible to completely abandon external wate

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