Innovation at Chillventa 2016

Date: 03 October 2016
Do you like it? Share it! ↑ Read new article Innovation at Chillventa 2018. Chillventa is now the international hub for the refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation and heat pump industry. Experts from all over the world meet at their leading exhibition in Nürnberg from 11–13 October 2016. Photos of Chillventa 2016 With new records for exhibitors and floor space, the key gathering of the industry is convincing in every respect. Almost 1,000 companies will present their products and services to the experts in Nürnberg. The focus in 2016 is on energy efficiency and energy conservation as well as on issues such as the F-Gas Regulation or the Ecodesign Directive. The refrigeration halls: 5, 6, 7, 7A, 8, 9.


New items of refrigeration equipment at Chillventa 2016

The leading international companies will present new products at Chillventa. Read on our website summary about new products, about Chillventa 2016, the Chillventa AWARD, Technical Programme of Chillventa. Compressors: Bitzer, Copeland, Danfoss, Dorin, Frascold, GEA Bock, GEA Grasso, Secop, Tecumseh
Heat exchanges: Alfa Laval, Güntner, Kelvion, Rivacold, Thermowave
Components: Carel, Danfoss, ebm-papst, Emerson, GVN, Frigopoint, Henry Technologies
Equipment: Epta, GEA Geneglace, Rivacold, Zanotti If you didn't find your company in list send us your press release about new products at Chillventa. If you found mistake please write us.

Alfa Laval

Hall 7A, Stand 214 6 new products will be presented in Alfa Laval’s exhibition stand at Chillventa. Special highlight will also be given to Data Center Cooling and Alfa Laval’s comprehensive service portfolio. Industrial Refrigeration Alfa Laval provides energy efficient refrigeration for all kinds of industrial premises and applications. The now complete range of industrial air coolers, Alfa Laval Arctigo, offers a variety of cooler configurations and options to optimize very specific installations.
  • Alfa Laval Arctigo ID, dual discharge industrial air cooler
  • Alfa Laval Arctigo IS, single discharge industrial air cooler
Commercial Refrigeration Alfa Laval’s energy efficient range for commercial refrigeration is ready for the future in terms of international refrigerant and emission regulations. On display at Chillventa 2016 are three new products:
  • Alfa Laval AlfaNova 200, fusion-bonded plate heat exchanger
  • Alfa Laval Optigo CCB, commercial air cooler
  • Alfa Laval TK20 with U-turn semi-welded plate heat exchanger with liquid separator developed specially for use in ammonia applications.

HVAC with AHRI Certification Alfa Laval is taking an active role in promoting AHRI performance certification. Featured in the stand is the Alfa Laval AQ4L AlfaQ™ - part of the HVAC range that is certified according to the AHRI Liquid to Liquid Heat Exchangers (LLHE) Certification Program. The certification ensures thermal performance according to manufacturers’ published specifications. Data Center Cooling With strong expertise in free cooling, air flow management and heat recovery, Alfa Laval is a reliable supplier for energy efficient data center cooling solutions with low PUE. New products on display:
  • Alfa Laval Abatigo, a closed-chamber adiabatic liquid cooler
  • Alfa Laval Arctigo LSV, heavy duty industrial air coolers built on the Low Speed Ventilation concept


Hall 7, Stand 330 Bitzer will presents its latest innovations and product developments at Chillventa trade fair in Nuremberg, including the newest products of the CSVH3 series for highly efficient water chillers for air conditioning and process cooling, as well as industrial heat pumps. The speed-regulated compact screw compressors with integrated frequency inverters feature impressively high performance and improved (E)SEER values. The CSVH3 series with an integrated refrigerant-cooled frequency inverter offers maximum seasonal energy efficiency and a wide capacity control range. The robust engineering of the screw compressor in combination with active monitoring of the application limits optimises the highest operational standard in reliability whilst also providing system operators with an overview of all relevant operating parameters. The CSVH38 achieves a refrigerating capacity of up to 660 kW (R134a, +5/50°C) with a displacement of up to 1,156 m3/h. The compressors work within a wide range of control from approx. 20 to 100 per cent of the refrigerating capacity.

 And Bitzer will presents the Varipack product series. All Bitzer reciprocating compressors can be operated with this new generation of intelligent frequency inverters. The new Varipack product series is designed for safe and easy capacity control and was specially adapted to suit refrigeration and operation of Bitzer refrigeration compressors. After intuitive commissioning, the frequency inverters take over the control functions of the refrigeration system. Optimised adjustment to suit the system’s current cooling demand reduces energy consumption as well as running costs. With its modular design, the Varipack series achieves a high degree of flexibility and opens up a wide spectrum of variants for a large application range in supermarkets, hotels, restaurants as well as food production and processing centres. The series is suitable for refrigeration systems, air conditioning systems and heat pumps and can be integrated both in single compressors and in compound systems. Varipack frequency inverters can be operated in two modes: the compressor capacity control either depends on an external set point signal or on the evaporation pressure with an optionally available add-on module for pressure control. In addition to direct control of the evaporation pressure, the condenser fan can also be regulated via a 0–10 V output signal and a second compressor can also be switched on. The frequency inverters can either be integrated completely in a switchboard or mounted via push-through installation as desired. With the second option, smaller switchboards offer sufficient space, because the cooling body protrudes out and therefore a majority of the generated heat is discharged directly outside. bitzer_iq_varipack Read interview with Patrick Koops, Head of Public Relations Bitzer Kühlmaschinenbau GmbH up


Hall 5, Stand 306 and 308 At Chillventa 2016, CAREL will be presenting pGDX, the new display that can be used both as a unit interface and as a room thermostat, thanks to the version with temperature and humidity sensors that connect directly to the unit-system. The maximum in terms of easy assembly and overall cost reduction. An important new supervision solution will also be on show: "boss", the new mobile-ready supervisor, with built-in Wi-Fi that is completely independent of all other infrastructure and a display that automatically adapts to the type of mobile device used. "boss" moreover includes new communication protocols (such as BACnet) and improved interface usability, while continuing to guarantee extensive system monitoring and optimisation functions.
The new mobile-ready local supervisor
boss is the new CAREL local supervisor completely browsable from all mobile devices, for both daily access and system maintenance, right from commissioning. The responsive design means all of the boss pages, both programming and day-to-day use, can be accessed from different mobile devices. The graphics on the pages adapt automatically to the device they are displayed on, making the content easy to use. Typical operating system functions can also be accessed using the web interface, the first time ever for a supervisory system. This means maintenance operations can be performed via a remote connection. carel-boss
The innovative solution for cold rooms
The Cella platform represents the new generation of cold room controllers based on the latest CAREL technology, the result of in-depth analysis and knowledge of the food cold storage market. This comprises a vast range of controllers to meet the needs of cold rooms in terms of type, performance and size. The platform covers three product families: the consolidated MasterCella, and UltraCella and SmartCella, the evolutions of the CAREL cold room proposal. carel-cella-cold-room up  


Hall 7, Stand 126 Danfoss’s stand is split into four product areas (commercial refrigeration, food retail, industrial refrigeration, and air conditioning) with one dedicated area for refrigeration contractors. This proven structure should help visitors quickly familiarise themselves with the various product/business areas. The area specially designed for refrigeration contractors – Transformation of competencies and regulatory landscape in the cooling industry Danfoss has dedicated an area of its stand for refrigeration contractors at Chillventa 2016. Contractors can visit this area to learn more about the latest technologies and findings related to the Ecodesign Directive and the use of refrigerants with lower global warming potential; they can also come here to discover a variety of training programmes to enhance their knowledge and skills. For example, this stand area will present updated apps that inform system contractors about the migration to environmentally friendly systems with lower global warming potential, and which train and support them in dealing with these systems. The focus of this area will be on the new condensing unit Optyma Plus INVERTER with speed control, which is authorised for use in refrigeration applications with moderate temperatures and for the lower GWP environmentally friendly refrigerant R407A/F. The Optyma Plus INVERTER currently boasts the best SEPR value on the market. It can be used to lower operating costs by 20% to 30% compared to alternative technologies. It is perfect for cold rooms, display cabinets and fermentation rooms, and is suitable for refrigeration applications where accurate temperature and humidity control matter. The condensing unit is also designed for systems having more than one evaporator. Another highlight is Danfoss’s calculation and selection software Coolselector®2. This software programme facilitates selection, the graphical display of pressure drops and now also shows the performance data of compressors and condensing units. All these features make it a complete selection and calculation tool for experts in the cooling industry. One unique feature offered by Coolselector®2 is that users can save projects and return to them to make adjustments and additional calculations. Commercial refrigeration area – Transformation of cold rooms and food service systems The latest version of the intelligent, multifunctional ERC 21x refrigeration controller is also presented at Chillventa. It can be used in combination with many different sensors, and offers predefined programmes for most typical applications, such as refrigerated counters, cold rooms, cases and other freestanding refrigeration systems, and its on-demand defrost function and integrated, intelligent evaporator fan control make for a high degree of energy efficiency. Food retail area – Transformation of supermarkets At Chillventa 2016, Danfoss will be showcasing the potential of its Smart Store solution: better food safety, lower energy consumption, integrated refrigeration control, HVAC, lighting, and smart grid integration. A special highlight is the complete Danfoss product range for CO2 refrigeration, including its brand-new ejector technology, which paves the way to high-efficiency transcritical refrigeration technology in warmer climates. The VLT® Refrigeration Drive will also be presented. It is being brought to market with improved features that can be used to lower the energy consumption of refrigeration applications by up to 25%. Industrial refrigeration area – Transformation of industrial refrigeration systems Danfoss is developing solid platforms for valves and controllers for industrial refrigeration worldwide, and is taking the next step by supporting the design and construction of complete industrial refrigeration systems. The brand-new valve stations are optimised for natural refrigerants, especially ammonia and CO2, and offer unparalleled energy efficiency. Visitors to the Danfoss stand can discover the industry’s largest product portfolio of valve stations (ICF). They are available in nominal sizes ranging from DN 15 to DN 80 and with three, four or six modules made of carbon or stainless steel. Danfoss will also be presenting a new series of pilot valves that are suitable for ammonia and CO2, and for a large range of pressures and temperatures. Air conditioning area – Transformation towards more environmentally friendly solutions with high overall energy performance Danfoss will be presenting its extended range of products and solutions for the HVAC industry here. The next generation of air-conditioning appliances are designed for new systems and system upgrades, and comply with the new requirements regarding overall energy performance. Special components for air conditioning systems include the new generation Danfoss scroll compressors with built-in IDVs DSH and DCJ, Inverter Scroll VZH and the oil-free Turbocor compressors, which deliver improved performance with low-GWP refrigerants. The ETS Colibri® will also be presented. The innovative ETS Colibri® has the shortest response time of any electric valve on the market, and is designed for precise liquid injection for evaporator applications. With four new models, the expanded range of Micro Plate™ heat exchangers (MPHE) rounds out Danfoss’s air conditioning range at Chillventa 2016. up


Hall 6, Stand 316 Officine Mario Dorin will present new ranges compressors: HAL Series, Range CDS, Range EP_ECOpremium, Range H35. New HAL Series compressors DORIN has designed a new range of 4 cylinders compressors with a shorter stroke, applying innovative technical solutions and reducing both weight and dimensions. HAL35 and HAL41 come alongside the other well known and appreciated H models, being characterized by:
  • Reduced vibration level
  • Perfect suitability for frequency control use (25÷90 Hz)
  • Use of centrifugal lubrication system
  • IP65 electric box
Furthermore, following accessories could be supplied on request:
  • Capacity control
  • Unloaded start
  • Optical oil level control
What specifically differentiate the HAL35 and HAL41 Ranges from the H Series is their construction in Aluminium which make them ideally suitable for Transport Application, and not only for commercial applications. dorin-hal New Range EP_ECOpremium Officine Mario Dorin has developed a new range completely dedicated to the application of R134a at low condensing temperature. Thanks to the new valve plate design and to the proper selection of electric motor new EP compressors are characterised by:
  • High efficiency especially at low condensing temperature
  • Reduction of working pressure (compared to R404A)
  • Reduction of GWP
  • Reduction of noise emission
  • Variable frequency allowed
dorin-ep-eco up


Hall 4A, Stand 313 ebm-papst will be presenting its latest fans and solutions for refrigeration technology. Revolutionary axial fan concept Noise emission and energy efficiency are key aspects for axial fans used in the evaporators, condensers and heat exchangers in ventilation, refrigeration and air conditioning systems – in addition to the required air flow. To be able to fully exploit the potential available for optimization, the fan has to be considered as an entire system consisting of the impeller, motor, housing and control electronics. Efficiency improvements can only go hand in hand with improvements in aerodynamics. ebm-papst has taken on this challenge and developed a revolutionary concept for axial fans that will be presented for the first time at Chillventa. AxiTop diffuser for axial fans with diameters of 1.25 meters The size 1250 mm axial fans from ebm-papst have been equipped with new blades featuring an optimized inclination angle. The axial fans in this size category can now be combined with the AxiTop diffuser. Based on the improved aerodynamics and the simultaneous use of diffusers, energy consumption can be reduced by 25% and the overall efficiency level boosted by over 50%. Thanks to their powerful 6 kW electronics, they achieve airflow of up to 65,000 m³/h. These fans are used in electricity generation systems, gas plants and compressor stations, as well as in large refrigerating plants and condensers. ebm-papst_axitop_300dpi “FanScout” selection software now TÜV SÜD-certified When the fan is too weak, this means insufficient cooling but when it is too strong, the fan consumes too much energy. To quickly and reliably find the optimal fan for the application in the extensive ebm-papst product range, the company has developed the “FanScout” selection software – also on show at Chillventa. The software is based on the measured characteristic diagrams for each fan/motor combination. This makes the operating data generated from the software extremely accurate. The calculation accuracy in comparison to real measurements is classified in the highest precision class – confirmed by TÜV SÜD. The selection process also finds fans for parallel operation in so-called FanGrids.   up


Hall 6, Stand 318/418 At Chillventa Emerson will present its comprehensive, fully-developed solution offerings for all relevant refrigerants integrating Copeland compressors to Emerson valves and Dixell controllers, completed by energy management and monitoring concepts from Emerson Retail Solutions. For refrigeration applications Emerson presents its ZX condensing units – certified by Asercom for its Energy-related products compliance and readiness for Ecodesign Lot1 and equipped with ZX Cloud monitoring system. This monitoring module enables visualization of the operating status of the refrigeration system and helps to understand and analyze the system’s behavior to improve system efficiency and reliability, resulting in lower energy bills and a decrease in food spoilage. Emerson’s transformation – a strategic repositioning To further strengthen the future-driven approach of an advanced product and solution development Emerson started a strategic repositioning in summer 2015, transforming its five business platforms into two: Emerson Automation Solutions and Emerson Commercial & Residential Solutions. Emerson Climate Technologies, with its product brands such as Copeland, Dixell and Alco Controls, will be integrated to the business platform Emerson Commercial & Residential Solutions. At Chillventa this new business platform and its strategy will be introduced and the fair will be used to exhibit additional businesses belonging to Emerson Commercial & Residential Solutions: RIDGID® is a leading manufacturer of innovative tools and equipment for the professional trades, ranging from the original RIDGID pipe wrench to multiple purpose pipe, tubing and cable tools for joining, cutting, bending of copper, steel, stainless steel, PEX and multilayer tubing, as well as video inspection, diagnostics, and locating equipment. Pactrol is a global supplier of gas ignition controls for most industrial, commercial and domestic applications. Therm-O-Disc is as a global leader in the design, innovation and manufacture of temperature sensors and controls serving the HVACR, transportation, consumer products, Oil & Gas, and Power & Environment industries with a broad range of sensing capabilities and solutions. emerson up  


Hall 9, Stand 213 Epta presents EptaBlue Waterloop, an innovative solution that converts each connected refrigerated unit, be it a cabinet or a cold room, from remote-cooled to plug-in, using a closed water circuit which is easily installed with a plug&play link. In addition, the system's inverter and electronic valve adjust the evaporating temperature to match the demand on each cabinet and external conditions (winter/summer, high/low attendance, day/night). The simplicity of the EptaBlue Waterloop system allows for simple integration with the store’s HVAC system for recovery of the heat emitted by the cabinets to reduce store heating costs. Specifically speaking, in a recent installation*, Eptablue allowed a reduction in energy consumption of up to 25%, an increase in refrigeration efficiency, a TEWI (Total Equivalent Warming Impact) decrease of 40%, a 75% reduction in the refrigerant gas charge and water consumption, for a ROI of 8 months. *Figures recorded in a 400 m2 store in the North of Italy epta-elephant_eptablueepta-blue up


Hall 6, Stand 312 Frascold will launch the latest innovations of its wide range of high-technology compressors. Among the numerous innovations that will be presented at Chillventa: Low GWP compressors The new lines of models SK3, TK, AXH and ATS developed for applications with natural refrigerants, CO2, hydrocarbons and ammonia and a wide range of models suitable for HFO refrigerants. Compact screw compressors with integrated inverter and variable Vi Compact screw compressors CXITV with inverter and variable Vi are now standard in terms of energy efficiency, safety and reliability. The same innovation will be applied to the compact screw compressors provided with stand-alone inverter, series CXI, which Frascold has been manufacturing for years in the fixed Vi version. The concept of these compressors has been developed for the use on chillers in all possible applications, thus maximizing constant efficiency. In fact, with a precise control system for continuous modification of Vi, it is possible to obtain instant high COP, but mainly ESEER values that were unobtainable until now with compressors having fixed or step Vi . The Vi control system is managed by dedicated electronics integrated into the compressor, which is completely autonomous and independent from the controller, therefore, it is applicable on any type of existing chiller. frascold up


GVN expands its product range. Besides standard 33 bar and 45 bar CO2 pressure vessels company exhibited new coalescent oil separators with italian filter, series for subcritical and transcritical systems with 60-130 b working pressure as well as H100 filter drier shells. All neccessary technical information can be obtained from new E-catalogue that can be downloaded from the company’s webpage. high-performans-oil-separators-04   coalescent-oil-separators-01


Hall 8, Stand 314 The base of the exposition Frigopoint’s is components for refrigeration systems using environmentally friendly refrigerant R744 (CO2). The exhibition includes:
  • A new line of refrigerant receivers FP-LRS with extra ports to attach gauges and the possibility of connecting the auxiliary refrigeration system.
  • Oil level regulators FP-ERL controller full-metal aluminum housing is designed to operate with pressures up to 5.4 MPa.
  • linear components and pressure vessels is optimized to work in subcritical systems.
frigopoint-fp-lr frigopoint-fp-erv up  

GEA Group

Hall 7, Stand 306 and 504 GEA will present innovative products in its range of commercial and industrial compressors, ice generators, solutions along the entire cold chain as well as an animation of the GEA Grasso V series. gea-stand The semi-hermetic compressors GEA Bock HG series The HG series of semi-hermetic compressors – the GEA Bock HG22e, HG34e, HG44e, HG56e, HG66e, HG76e and HG88e models – have now been optimized and offer top efficiency as well as optimized running quietness. These compressors profit from an efficient valve plate system, electric motors from the latest generation, and improved gas passage – which enables them to achieve optimal efficiency. The oil pump lubrication system enables a greater control range with frequency inverters. Whereas the models already on the market have been optimized, the GEA Bock HG56e represents a completely new 6-cylinder series. The new HG56e series replaces the previous 4-cylinder HG5 series and the smallest series of the HG6 compressors. It offers greater efficiency and optimized running quietness, and its three model sizes cover the displacement range from 73.8 to 100.4 m³/h (at 50 Hz). The compressors HG22e, HG34e, HG44e, and HG56e operate with an optimized standard valve plate design. The two series HG66e and HG76e, to be launched on the market, will feature the proven-successful mexxFlow design concept. The combination of the double lamellar ring design of the mexxFlow valve plate, featuring flow-optimized characteristics, with a cylinder head especially designed for this valve plate, has enabled an efficiency increase of the compressors by up to 20 %, depending on application. gea-bock-hg GEA Bock HG series compressors for applications with natural refrigerants For subcritical and transcritical CO2 applications, GEA offers a range of compressors that now includes a displacement of 6.2 to 38.2 m³/h (at 50 Hz), with 2, 4, or 6 cylinders. These compressors are characterized by great reliability, excellent running behavior, a broad frequency band for minimal part-load requirements, slight oil carry-over, and outstanding efficiency. The semi-hermetic 6-cylinder piston compressor HG46 CO2 T, for example, is currently the largest of its kind for transcritical CO2 applications and offers long-standing field experience. In addition to its displacement up to 38.2 m³/h, it is also impressive owing to its outstanding coefficient of performance (COP). The great efficiency of transcritical GEA CO2 compressors has been confirmed by ASERCOM certification for a number of compressor models. GEA also offers efficient solutions for hydrocarbons: the HC range (HC = hydrocarbons), with displacement of 5.4 to 279.8 m³/h, satisfies all stipulations of the F-Gas Regulation. This provides planning assurance to plant contracting companies, operators, and investors. In addition to the already optimized and well-establish model HG44e HC, GEA will present new 6-cylinder compressors for hydrocarbons: the GEA Bock HG56e HC series, with three models, covers the range with displacements from 73.8 to 100.4 m³/h. HC compressors for applications with hydrocarbons are available in an extensive displacement range, including ATEX applications, Zone 1 and Zone 2. gea-bock-hg_natural-refrigerants The GEA Grasso M series: extended portfolio for smaller capacities With its new, smaller screw compressors, GEA now rounds off its GEA Grasso M series downward by adding smaller output ratings. The former spectrum of offerings began at volumetric displacements of 471 m³/h (at 2,940 rpm) and extended to 870 m³/h. The expanded series now begins at 231 m³/h. The new small models benefit from the proven and energy-efficient design: they are engineered for the speed range from 1,000 to 6,000 rpm, which allows them to cover a broad load range. The internal volume ratio (Vi) can be controlled in an extended range, which allows energy-optimized operation even at reduced condensation temperatures. In addition, the pressure-activated check valve ensures minimal pressure drop on the suction side. The GEA Grasso M series furthermore offers an integrated suction filter and an adaptive coupling casing, which simplifies integration into a package. The GEA Grasso M series represents the development of an industrial screw compressor that differs above all from conventional screw compressors in reliability and efficiency. gea-grasso-mcompressor

The GEA Splitpack – a GEA Geneglace ice generator and GEA Bock Plusbox

The GEA Splitpack combines an ice generator (GEA Geneglace F30), for indoor installation, with an entire outdoor condensing unit, the GEA Bock Plusbox, to provide a complete solution. The GEA Splitpack combines the GEA Geneglace ice generator with the GEA Bock Plusbox to provide a complete solution. The split system allows the ice generator to be installed on the shop floor, near the process. In contrast, the Plusbox, a complete outdoor condensing unit, is installed outside at a distance of up to 20 m from the ice generator. The Plusbox features proven semi-hermetic GEA piston compressors, with maximum displacements of 18.8 to 33.1 m³/h. A speed-controlled fan at the condenser ensures efficient ice production, even with high outdoor temperatures, since it assures a constant temperature of condensation. The GEA Splitpack operates with the refrigerants R404A or R134A and is available with GEA Geneglace ice generator F15, F30, F90H, or G100. Maximum production is 400 to 2,200 kg/day, depending on the ice generator used. gea-splitpack_2016 up


Hall 7, Stand 124 The Chillventa fair the Güntner Group will present innovations created for the trends of the future at the internationally leading trade fair for refrigeration engineering, HVAC and heat pumps. New adiabatic gas cooler for transcritical CO2 plants With the new Güntner Gas cooler Diagonal Compact GGDC equipped with humidification pad and Güntner Hydro Management GHM humidification control, Güntner's objective is to push the CO2 equator geographically southwards: This newly developed unit with adiabatic air pre-cooling allows for efficient operation of transcritical CO2 plants also in regions where ambient temperatures climb above +40 °C. The GGDC with its maximum operating pressure of 120 bar and a maximum operating temperature of +150 °C provides a capacity range of up to approx. 300 kW. The specifically developed GHM control continuously controls the water volume according to the heat exchanger's load requirement (fan speed) as well as the measured ambient temperature and humidity. This way, the wetting water distribution is constantly and ideally adjusted to the operating conditions. guntner-gcdc_pads_bg FLAT/VERTICAL Vario  Millions of types designed with pinpoint accuracy Offering a capacity range of 30 – 1800 kW, the new Vario series are mainly designed for applications in the areas of industrial refrigeration, air conditioning, process cooling and server room cooling. In addition to the current and new synthetic refrigerants on the market, you can of course also select as operating fluid natural alternatives like ammonia, CO2, hydrocarbons (e.g. propane). The gas coolers named GGHV and GGVV are designed for a maximum operating pressure of 120 bar. A broad range of accessories is also available for the Vario series. Beside the common accessories like vibration dampers and extended legs, also accessories like e.g. inspection covers for cleaning purposes are on offer. Additionally, the accessibility of the heat exchanger may be further improved with hinged fan plates. Another advantage of the Vario product line: The great variety of individually configurable unit types offers the technically optimal standard solution for any application scenario without any expenditure of time for special designs. guentner_flat Air coolers with up to 80 bar as standard The new Slim and Cubic air coolers (GASC and GACC) are designed for an operating pressure of up to 80 bar as standard; their construction is optimised with regard to all common refrigerants. The hygiene-certified units are easy to mount and easy to clean. With a capacity range of 0.5 – 13 kW (GASC) and 1.5 – 69 kW (GACC), the units are perfectly suited for small and medium-sized cold rooms. guentner_aircoolers up

Henry Technologies

Hall 6, Stand 228 Henry Technologies Ltd will be displaying a host of new products in Nuremberg. Henry Technologies plans to introduce an extended range of products applicable to the transcritical CO2 systems such as:
  • High pressure ball valves with a maximum operating pressure of 130 bar;
  • Oil filters for transcritical CO2 applications with a maximum working pressure of 130 bar and
  • The range IntelOil, integrating the electronic controller oil and liquid level sensor.
Each has models with a maximum operating pressure from 60 bar and 120 bar. The liquid level sensor IntelOil is suitable for both low and high pressure systems and is approved for HCFC, HFC, HFO, CO2 and associated oils. These characteristics, indicate that this is a high-resolution sensor and float it is a device used to monitor the level of high or low liquid. It is provided with power cables and relay 3 meters, it integrates diagnostics. Compact and lightweight, the installation of the adapters would be easy. up


Hall 7, Stand 204 Kelvion (formerly GEA Heat Exchangers) will present its portfolio of heat exchangers, as well as commercial and industrial cooler systems. The Kelvion “glass cooler” to be shown at Chillventa adds transparency to a display of industrial processes. This item being exhibited at the fair is a Goedhart VCI-p-13457 air cooler, in which some of the copper tubes have been replaced by glass to reveal what goes on inside. Fair visitors can therefore follow the evaporation process inside the cooler. This model features a third, additional heat exchanger circulation system as condenser – which enhances the output of a compressor and heats air. Further items to be exhibited by Kelvion at Chillventa include: Premiere at the fair: The new dual-discharge cooler The new Kelvion industrial air cooler with air outlet at two sides will be shown as a world premiere. This model represents a further development of the Kelvion dual-discharge, but with radial fans – an innovation among industrial coolers. The new cooler design produces air flow at a 90-degree angle, which enables reduction of performance losses in comparison to coolers with axial fans. It also enhances the flow of air onto the heat exchangers and thereby allows reduced system height without loss of cooling duty. At Chillventa, Kelvion will announce details on model sizes, equipment variations, and the name of the new cooler range. Searle GF gas coolers for CO2-refrigeration systems:  Smaller heat exchanger tubes for increased heat transfer Less refrigerant content, a smaller footprint, and significantly reduced weight – Kelvion has enabled all this with its redesigned Searle GF gas coolers for subcritical and transcritical CO2 refrigeration systems. These coolers, equipped with AC or EC motors, profit from the new heat exchangers with tube diameters of only 5 mm. The thin tubes – which are ideal for CO2 as refrigerant, with its favorable thermal properties – allow cost-efficient cooler solutions for applications with high pressures. Kelvion developed its Micro Tubes with the aid of numerical flow simulation and optimized them in prototype tests in a wind tunnel. These tests revealed that a non-equilateral tube configuration represents an optimal solution. The result is heat transfer that is 18 % greater than the most efficient Kelvion heat exchangers until now. kelvion-gas-cooler-range Quiet and powerful: the Küba SG Industrial models for industrial applications For the application range of approx. 5 to 188 kW cooling duty (depending on refrigerant), Küba SG air coolers are designed for industrial use. The injection numbers in these coolers lead to enhanced performance levels, in accordance with individual applications. The improvement in heat exchanger geometry and the aerodynamically optimized fan system likewise contribute to efficiency. The advanced fans require up to 70 % less power than with fan drives from earlier generations without control systems – and they allow draw-through or blow-through operation. In addition, they operate up to 16 dB(A) quieter than previous fans. Further characteristics become positively apparent, such as components that are easy to access and clean – especially for applications in areas such as food and beverage processing and logistics. The drip tray, for example is hinged, and the fans as well as side components can be swiveled out for ease of cleaning. kelvion-kuba-industrialvrgrau Lean technology for refrigerated catering displays and equipment: the Küba gastro slim FM With its Küba gastro FM range, Kelvion already offered compact and high-performance coolers from its portfolio for slim refrigerated counters, display cabinets, and tables. These systems can be used at a side wall (single-side discharge), or behind the center column (double-side discharge). The new Küba gastro slim FM needs even a smaller footprint. It has an installation width of only 75 mm and therefore fits behind the center column of virtually any refrigerated counter. The patented air straightener guarantees uniform temperature distribution in refrigerated display cases and considerably shortens cooling-down periods. For applications down to -30 °C, it is possible with little effort to retrofit an electrical defrost unit. Its high-quality and food-safe powder coating makes the Küba gastro slim FM ideal, even for open-display or acidic-content goods: for example, marinades. These units are available in three model sizes, with cooling duties of 0.11 to 0.23 kW. In their standard versions, these models are prepared for CO2 up to a pressure level of 60 bar, for applications in transcritical ranges and above-freezing refrigeration. kelvion-kuba-gastroslimfm Highly corrosion resistant and robust: the VacInox heat exchanger range With its VacInox heat exchanger range, Kelvion satisfies the strictest demands for applications in potable-water supply and in industrial processes. The highly resistant connection of its stainless steel plates enables compact design and great corrosion resistance. Kelvion has developed its own brazing filler metal, which does not contain non-ferrous metal, with the result that VacInox heat exchangers meet strict specifications for high temperatures and pressure up to 35 bar. VacInox units are designed for potable-water installations, laser refrigeration, district heating systems, and – for example – as evaporators and condensers in ammonia facilities. kelvion-vacinox-brazed-phe up


Hall 6, Stand 319-321 You will find on stand of Rivacold a wide range of products, including a number of new solutions for industrial and commercial refrigeration market. All products have been designed and developed in order to give improved performance solutions for the current and future refrigeration market demands and trends, and at the same time to combine reduced environmental impact, low energy consumption and good quality. Rivacold will display next equipment: Packaged units
  • NEW COZNNEXT First R744 transcritical variable speed split system with BLDC hermetic compressor for medium temperature application in convenient stores’ cold rooms and cabinets.
  • NEW R290 variable speed packaged system for Eco-design compliant cabinets.
  • FULL RANGE Blocksystem R290 packaged plug-in units: ceiling and wall mount, air and water cooled, medium and low temperature application for small to medium sized cold rooms up to 40 m3.
rivacold-fa Condensing units NEW R290, high efficiency customized condensing unit for Eco-design display cabinets and counters. Multi-compressor packs
  • NEW R744 high efficient transcritical booster system for high ambient temperature.
  • NEW R290/R744 scroll compressor cascade water cooled system for low temperature application.
rivacold-centrale_co2 Air cooled evaporators and gas coolers
  • NEW R744 full range of dual flow evaporators, 250 and 350 dia fans for food processing cold rooms.
  • NEW R744 new generation of cubic evaporators diam. 350 dia fans for cold rooms
  • NEW Rivacold remote gas cooler with high efficient fan motors for transcritical R744 multi-compressor packs.


Hall 7A, Stand 206 Secop will highlight their 60 years of operation at Chillventa 2016. The company will also showcase its latest developments in the field of variable speed drive and hydrocarbon compressors. Secop’s product portfolio will be on display at Chillventa. These include, among others, the new SLVE compressor, which is significantly more powerful than previous models through the use of energy-optimized components. Like the SLVE compressors, the new variable speed drive DLV and NLV-Series are conceptualized for use in commercial cooling systems. secop_compressors With these products, Secop continues the success story of its R290 compressor program. R290 (propane) is characterized by its high efficiency and is an environmentally compatible hydrocarbon. It has no Ozone Depletion Potential and maintains extremely low global warming potential (GWP3). The variable speed drive enables a needs-based adjustment of cooling capacity and ensures high efficiency even in partial load operations. Compared to fixed speed refrigeration compressors, variable speed drives can achieve energy savings of up to 40 percent. secop_employee up


Hall 5, Stand 336 The Chillventa 2016 trade show is expected to be promising for Tecumseh as a number of new innovative high efficiency products will be launched that are approved for use with eco-friendly refrigerants. Some completely new Compressor Series will be launched during the show along with “Next Generation” compressors. Condensing units are also a major focus for Tecumseh, with the newly available multi-cylinder range delivering higher efficiencies in a more compact footprint. Tecumseh will also be displaying some advanced systems, such as a Heat Pump system for Sanitary Water Heater applications, an Eco-Friendly Mini Chiller for convenience store refrigeration and a Plug-In system for self-contained refrigeration equipment.  A new line of unit coolers will also be introduced. Regarding F-Gas compliance, nearly all of Tecumseh’s commercial refrigeration compressors and condensing units are now approved for use with refrigerants R452A and R449A.  Tecumseh is continuing to test and evaluate eco-friendly refrigerants with a particular focus on both performance and compressor reliability. tecumseh-ag-condensing-unit up


Hall 7, Stand 124 Be on the safe (high-pressure) side with thermolinePlus In addition to the plate heat exchanger series thermolineVario, thermolineEco and thermolinePure, the company thermowave also offers the thermolinePlu series for high-pressure applications of up to 63 bar. Apart from their outstanding efficiency, the apparatuses offer further advantages like a compact design, a small footprint, low weight and low refrigerant filling quantity. With their high pressure resistance, they are predestined for applications using the natural refrigerant CO2. Therefore, they are ideal e.g. for heat recovery in CO2 cascade systems or for use in many industrial refrigerating processes and for heat pumps. thermolinePlus apparatuses are made from laser-welded modules. The welded plate module forms a hermetically sealed flow channel. The laser-welded seams serve as sealing and ensure the highest operational reliability even in critical applications. During tests on the bursting strength of the laser-welded seams, pressure levels of 160 – 300 bar were tolerated, depending on the type tested. thermolineplus up


Hall 7, Stand 218 Zanotti is once again at the forefront of innovation, displaying at the next Chillventa an impressive lineup of climate friendly, smart, efficient and versatile new products. Examples include a low charge propane monoblock, a transcritical CO2 monoblock, a fully operating first-of-its-kind transcritical CO2 ice producer and two CO2 compressor racks. The combined use of natural refrigerants and cascade technology has resulted in an innovative fully natural solution with low GWP, maximum safety and extended operating envelope at high ambient conditions. Zanotti has then developed a new control system for cold rooms that raises the bar in refrigeration controls in terms of intelligence and connectivity, making life easier for all the stakeholders in the cold chain: installers, thanks to the plug and play approach; end users, thanks to the energy saving algorithms; and service engineers, thanks to the predictive maintenance functionality. All can benefit from the multiple connectivity options, locally from smartphone and tablets or remotely via the internet. Zanotti will also display one of his well-known monoblock system for cold rooms, configured for ducted condenser airflow, showing the versatility of this proven concept that can meet almost any application requirements. A condensing unit with variable speed compressors will also be displayed to demonstrate Zanotti’s focus on energy efficiency and accurate temperature control in food storage applications with the most stringent requirements. Zanotti will have a compressor rack on display that has been optimized for markets where first cost is a key driver, while retaining build quality and reliability. Last but not least, a transport unit applicable to refrigerated vans will be on display, as an example of the wider Zanotti transport range suitable for vans, truck and trailers. up

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