Cryogenics and Refrigeration Technologies 2020

Where: Romania, Europe
When: 07 October 2020 - 10 October 2020
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The 3rd International conference aims to highlight new discoveries, fundamental research and technological advances, along the lines of cryogenic devices, procedures applied in such diverse applications as cryosurgery, Cryo-electrolysis, 3D Cryoprinting, Cryogenic biological matter preservation and other interdisciplinary applications of cryogenics.

Based on experience and a helpful collaboration, we propose the Event organisation as a joint effort, availability and goodwill, of following institutions:


Conference Topics

Cryogenics in medicine, biotechnology and industrial technology

C1 - Cryobiology and Cryomedicine Technology and freezing methods and technologies
Preservation of vaccines, serums and elements of microbiology
Preservation of genetic material, organs, tissues, etc.
Therapy, cryosurgery and instrumentation,
Cryogenic methods for investigation and analysis
A2 –Cryogenics technologies, techniques and equipment Liquefaction plants, laboratories and testing facilities
Air separation
Liquefaction and separation of gases
Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). Production and applications
Cryocoolers, Pulse tube, Stirling, magnetic, etc.
Expanders, Pumps, compressors, regenerators, etc.
Cryogenic applications for power, energy and fuel transportation
Cryoelectronics techniques and systems;
Thermal insulation systems
Space cryogenic applications
Applications in unconventional energies
Cryostats technology
A1 – Cryophysics Cryogenic storage systems
Cryogenic Energy Storage
Cryogenic applications for fuels storage and transportation
Storage and transport of liquefied gases

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