World Refrigeration Day 2024

When: 26 June 2024
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World Refrigeration Day 2024, themed "Temperature Matters," will be celebrated globally on June 26th, marking the birthday of physicist Sir William Thomson, Lord Kelvin (1824-1907). Established on July 9, 2018, this annual event unites industry trade associations and professional bodies worldwide to highlight the critical role that refrigeration, air-conditioning, and heat-pump (RACHP) technologies play in modern life. The day aims to raise public awareness about how these technologies improve daily life and contribute significantly to the well-being of society.

Refrigeration, used in its broadest sense to describe the process of achieving and maintaining a required temperature below its surroundings, is essential for food preservation, thermal comfort, and various industrial processes. Despite its significant impact, the contributions of the RACHP industry often go unrecognized.

World Refrigeration Day encourages organizations and professionals across the globe to undertake activities that showcase the indispensable nature of refrigeration technology. Support for this initiative comes from associations and societies in the USA, India, Pakistan, the Philippines, Thailand, Australia, Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. 

The establishment of this day has been championed by industry leader Steve Gill, who highlighted the long and rich history of refrigeration and the consensus-building efforts that led to the selection of June 26th. World Refrigeration Day serves as a platform to celebrate the advancements and achievements in the field, ensuring that the vital role of refrigeration, air-conditioning, and heat-pumps is acknowledged and appreciated by society at large.

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Many companies and associations are preparing special events for this occasion around the world. 

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Follow the events and activities of World Refrigeration Day 2024 below.

Webinar: The Incredible Impact of Lord Kelvin

Join to IOR in celebrating the 200th anniversary of Lord Kelvin on World Refrigeration Day, June 26th. This special event, themed "Temperature Matters," will feature a lively and informative discussion on the life and legacy of Lord Kelvin, often considered the founder of mechanical refrigeration.

UK: InstallerSHOW and World Refrigeration Day

InstallerSHOW and World Refrigeration Day are to host a series of national and international events at the NEC, Birmingham on 26th June 2024.

These events will include conference and networking sessions for both World Refrigeration Day and Women in Cooling, with more details to be announced in the coming months.

The 2024 InstallerSHOW takes place from 25th – 27th June, which will mean that World Refrigeration Day takes place during the show. This will allow events to be hosted throughout the day, marking the contribution of the cooling industry and its people.

Australia: 2024 Woolworths World Refrigeration Day Open Day

Retailer Woolworths will celebrate World Refrigeration Day on Wednesday, June 26, with a series of site visits to transcritical CO₂ refrigeration plant rooms across Australia.

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World Refrigeration Day 2024

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