Samworth Brothers invests in a renewable future with Marshall Fleet Solutions’ Titan system

Date: 15 March 2024
Samworth Brothers invests in a renewable future with Marshall Fleet Solutions’ Titan system
Samworth Brothers, a major UK food producer, is the latest company to add the solar-powered Titan system from Marshall Fleet Solutions to its refrigerated trailer fleet.

Sustainable solutions are not a new venture for Samworth Brothers, given the company’s ongoing commitments to reducing its carbon footprint—including sending zero food waste to landfill since 2015 and removing 555 tonnes of packaging in its Food to Go category from 2020 to 2022. Samworth also operates a fleet of 14 new and highly efficient Thermo King Advancer A400 trailer refrigeration units—which the new Titan system will be paired with.

By harnessing solar energy through Titan’s roof-mounted panels and storing it in on-board 51.2-volt lithium high-capacity batteries, fleet operators can refrigerate their vehicles at no cost for up to 6-9 months annually. In instances of insufficient solar energy, the system can be mains charged.

The highly versatile Titan system is designed for compatibility with any temperature-controlled fleet on the road, seamlessly integrating with any brand of single or multi-temperature on-board refrigeration unit and catering to a wide range of vehicle sizes including LCVs, small trucks and HCVs.

Moreover, the system can be installed in new vehicles or retrofitted onto existing fleet vehicles, enabling operators to significantly reduce their carbon footprint almost immediately.

Samworth Brothers General Manager Alistair Leckie explains: “Reducing emissions is vital to our mission of doing the right thing and being a responsible business. The Titan system has surpassed our expectations. It has been operational for over a month, generating 100% renewable power for our temperature controlled fleet, and we haven’t needed to refill the diesel yet. Our partnership with MFS on Titan has further strengthened our relationship.”
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