Updated Sunswap branding

Date: 27 December 2023
Updated Sunswap branding
As Sunswap's engineering team moves into pre-production, the company is showing off the technical elements of the new Endurance outer shell. The body is made from optimized materials and includes a unique service hatch, as well as updated Sunswap branding. The three key events are described in more detail below:

1. Switching from metal to plastic. The switch to high-quality plastic lids made a big difference, especially considering the weight savings compared to a metal body. It's part of the weight efficiency that allows Sunswap to match or reduce weight compared to competitors. The new panels are made from vacuum-formed plastic and are shaped to best match the internal technology and the new service hatch. They have been developed in close collaboration with the team at APH3G – one of our many UK suppliers – who have experience in areas ranging from aircraft interiors to sports cars, including components for commuter trains at London Heathrow Airport.

2. Compact access hatch. The Endurance requires a smaller service door compared to a diesel transport refrigeration unit (TRU) or hybrid TRU, which typically have larger doors. This compactness is due to the durability of the Endurance; the less likely the electrical system is to malfunction and the less space required for maintenance. Compared to an internal combustion engine, there are fewer moving parts, not to mention the accumulation of soot and engine oil. As part of the service, all scheduled work can be carried out through the service hatch, with the exception of rare cases of major unscheduled repairs associated with panel removal.

3. Legendary grill. The opportunity to showcase artistic flair on the grille was not missed: the lightning bolt design helps differentiate the e-TRU as an electric vehicle for pedestrians and logistics operators, building on the brand iconography introduced at the outset. 2023.

The Sunswap team has worked hard to develop a product that fits the same proven dimensions as a transport refrigeration unit designed for an articulated trailer, but also breaks the mold in terms of sophisticated internal technology. This technology path has resulted in an integrated e-TRU and solar refrigeration system that can handle the same delivery cycles as a diesel refrigerator, while also decarbonizing the cold chain and reducing operating costs.
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