4 European companies have developed solution to store vaccines that require Ultra-low temperatures

Date: 15 December 2020
4 European companies have developed solution to store vaccines that require Ultra-low temperatures

Mirai, Teledoor, Refolution and Secon have joined forces in a joint collaboration to develop a universal way to store vaccines and biological materials that require Ultra-low temperatures.

The corona virus struck us abruptly quickly in early 2020 and paralyzed much of public life. To overcome the danger, it poses requires a great deal of effort from society as a whole, which, of course, must be sustained in the long term. The vaccines have appeared, but this does not mean that the difficulties end there. Much will now also depend on the vaccine distribution infrastructure, because they require an unbroken cold chain.

With specialized knowledge of refrigeration (Mirai Intex), plant design and project management (Refolution and Secon), high quality panel production and chamber construction (Teledoor), we have developed low-temperature storage that meets our requirements and values. In this context, we present our trouble-free, plug and play, efficient, environmentally friendly, and safe high volume storage chamber.

Ultra -low temperature storage facilities are optimized to operate at -80°C, but can also easily reach any temperature between -40°C and -90°C (adjustable to -110°C). The chamber is controlled by an S7 1200 (Siemens) and is equipped with energy efficient LEDs that have been tested. The insulation consists of highly resistant, efficient and low temperature insulation panels with low thermal bridging with polyurethane foam, integrated vacuum panels and hooks. A special feature is the oil-free refrigeration technology, which uses only air as a refrigerant.

This joint work will provide an reliable foundation in the cold chain, saving as many lives as possible, and establishing a basis for preventing further epidemic spread.

Mirai Intex MC 10 O/W is a new generation of sustainable refrigeration machines using air cycle technology.

Flexible and wide temperature range allows achieving the required temperature with one device without additional technical modifications.

MIRAI Cold 10 operates in an open circuit and delivers ultra-cold air directly to the chamber, without using an evaporator or auxiliary fans inside the chamber. Unique Humidity Extraction Device (HED) traps moisture from the air in the chamber and removes it mechanically. The elimination of ice build-up and frequent defrosting procedures makes MIRAI Cold 10 the optimal solution for long-term storage at ultra-low temperatures.

Refolution Industriekaelte GmbH has carried out a detailed research and has proven that cold air cooling technology in the -80°C range is one of the most efficient in low-temperature cooling technologies. Read more about the report.

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