A-Gas Invests in Multi-Million-Dollar Technology to Provide Market Leading Recovery and Reclamation Services

Date: 06 April 2021
A-Gas Invests in Multi-Million-Dollar Technology to Provide Market Leading Recovery and Reclamation Services

A-Gas has completed the construction of its latest refrigeration separation towers at its Rhome, Texas plant, located outside of Dallas/Fort Worth. The multi-million-dollar project, which began last year, represents A-Gas’ continued commitment to deliver cutting-edge technology aimed at substantially increasing the quantity of reclaimed refrigerant gases.

The new separators are expected to be operational in April and will more than double the separation capacity at the current site. Mike Armstrong, President, A-Gas in the Americas commented: “The demand for high-quality reclaimed refrigerants grows yearly. As the United States prepares to enter its virgin HFC phasedown, this system will provide an efficient and valuable service to our customers and supply partners. Industry experts know that refrigerants saved from disposal and returned to use as reclaimed gas can make a direct contribution to the reduction in use of virgin refrigerants and help the industry manage within the limits imposed by the phasedown.”

The new equipment will enable reclamation of mixed refrigerants received from customers across the United States. Even the most complicated mixes of refrigerants, including HCFCs, HFCs, and HFOs can be separated into valuable components and reconstituted into AHRI-700 certified products through this technology. In bringing this capability online, millions of pounds of refrigerant can be safely returned to the marketplace annually.

Using reclaimed material is part of the cooling industry’s sustainable future. Through the increased recovery and reclamation of refrigerants A-Gas is putting in place the building blocks to adopt a more holistic approach. Taylor Ferranti, Vice President of Refrigerants at A-Gas noted, “This technology ushers in a new era of green refrigerants in the United States and ensures our valued customers access to a long-term, sustainable supply of reclaimed refrigerants for all of their needs, in a highly efficient, and environmentally friendly way. Our investment reflects our commitment to the circular economy, to find and recover product through our Rapid Recovery network and reprocess that material for future use.”

Taylor continues, “The use of reclaimed materials reduces the need to produce virgin refrigerants. Through utilizing existing product, we are able to minimize waste, extend product lifecycles, limit emissions and provide more environmentally conscious solutions to our customers. It’s a safe and effective means to support businesses that are looking to lower their environmental impact, while providing progressive refrigerant management in North America.”

A-Gas is leading the way in managing the refrigerant lifecycle process through its reclamation capability, while continuing to source the next generation products to support their customers who are ready to transition to an alternative refrigerant.

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