ACCA Offers New Course to Enhance Team Performance

Date: 28 April 2021
ACCA Offers New Course to Enhance Team Performance

The Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) announces the launch of its new Practical HVAC course, Beyond the Diagnostics. In today's business landscape, HVACR companies must fill the "skill gap," and ACCA helps contractors with just that. ACCA's industry-leading technical education programs demonstrate the value of education by creating a pipeline of skilled workers for its members.

The Practical HVAC course provides ACCA members and non-members HVAC training to increase technician competence. It is designed to help service technicians, installers, sales advisors, production managers, and service managers transition to an enhanced and consistent performance level, therefore reducing liabilities, increasing knowledge, and ramping sales opportunities. The technical training developed by ACCA educates students on recognizing critical factors that can affect a load calculation, indoor air quality solutions, and diagnosing and repairing duct system problems found in the field.

The in-person Practical HVAC course has two upcoming class dates.

  • May 11-13, 2021 in Apex (Raleigh), NC
  • May 18-20 in Indianapolis, IN

This course demonstrates to students how to improve comfort and reduce technician and company liabilities all while increasing sales opportunities.

“ACCA's Practical HVAC course is for HVAC professionals who are looking to set themselves apart from the competition and improve their productivity levels," said Matt Akins, ACCA's manager of HVACR education and class instructor. "Continuing education is the key to a competitive advantage, ultimately leading to a company's rise to the top in the HVACR industry." Akins has over 16 years of HVACR experience, having worked as a technician trainer for five years and as an HVAC curriculum teacher to hundreds of students around the country.

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