AEFYT signs an agreement with BASE

Date: 11 June 2020
AEFYT signs an agreement with BASE
AEFYT (Association of Cold Industry and its Technologies) has signed a collaboration agreement with BASE (Basel Agency for Sustainable Energy) which will promote the contracting of energy efficiency projects in refrigeration facilities.

BASE is a non-governmental organization located in Basel, Switzerland that develops instruments to unlock investment in sustainable energy and energy efficiency. The model developed in Europe for the promotion of energy efficiency is part of the European project ESI Europe (Energy Savings Insurance), belonging to the Horizon 2020 financing program, which is developed by an international consortium coordinated by BASE in cooperation with organizations in Spain, Italy and Portugal. It is a project that replicates a series of mechanisms that have already been successfully implemented by BASE in Central American countries. EnergyLab is a Technology Center that develops R & D & i activities in the field of energy efficiency and sustainability, and are the partners in Spain for the implementation of this European project.

"Go Safe with ESI" is the trademark under which this initiative is promoted to facilitate the realization and implementation of energy efficiency projects, proposing a contracting model that can be used outside the validity of the European project ESI Europe. “GoSafe with ESI” enables energy efficiency projects to be articulated around risk mitigation instruments, such as a standardized contract, a simplified external validation process, and insurance that covers the committed energy savings.

In this way, AEFYT associates, such as installers or suppliers of refrigeration equipment, will be able to guarantee their end customers a measurable and verifiable savings commitment that justifies the investment in energy efficiency they propose. GoSafe's approach is that, once the project is structured according to these elements, end customers can access green financing lines under more advantageous conditions.

“New refrigeration systems have implemented important advances in energy efficiency in recent years. For this reason, we think it is interesting to provide our companies with tools with which to demonstrate to their clients how refrigeration can positively impact their sustainability objectives, ”said Manuel Lamúa, manager of AEFYT.
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