Alfa Laval publishes white paper on sustainable refrigerants

Date: 28 May 2021
Alfa Laval publishes white paper on sustainable refrigerants
A massive change is taking place in heating and cooling technology, with environmental and regulatory pressures driving a transition from traditional F-gas refrigerants to alternatives with lower global warming potential. Alfa Laval, a leading innovator in the field of heat transfer technologies, has spent years working with customers to develop solutions tailored to the unique needs of synthetic and natural low-GWP refrigerants. All of this knowledge has now been made available in a newly revised white paper that industry professionals can download for free.

Alfa Laval’s latest white paper is titled Navigating a changing refrigerants market, and it promises to offer readers “a guide for selecting and accommodating refrigerants for diverse heating and cooling applications.” The document was developed by the company as a response to customers seeking more information about choosing from the growing range of new refrigerants generally, and natural refrigerants in particular.

The new white paper offers an introduction to the topic and provides a thorough overview of the regulatory situations in different parts of the world today. It then reviews the different refrigerant options currently available, the most recent market trends, and closes with a look at the various types of new heat transfer innovations that have emerged for handling the needs of low-GWP refrigerants.

The revised edition of Navigating a changing refrigerants market has been published in connection with the re-launch of Alfa Laval’s Heating and Cooling Hub, an online knowledge base with tools and resources for HVAC and refrigeration professionals. It is available for free download, with no registration required.

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