AREA members get active for World Refrigeration Day 2020

Date: 08 July 2020
AREA members get active for World Refrigeration Day 2020
AREA members get active for World Refrigeration Day 2020
AREA members get active for World Refrigeration Day 2020

Following the second World Refrigeration Day celebrating the societal contribution of refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pumps (RACHP), we are delighted to share some activities that AREA members hosted on this key day for our sector.

So, what did they get up to?

AEFYT, took part in an online conference ‘’Refrigeration, a Sustainable and Essential Technology’’. Focusing on the current crises they led the conversations on ‘’Commercial and Industrial refrigeration plants in the past, present and future after COVID-19’’ exploring what should be done to help the sector recover and return to normal activities.

APIRAC, was featured in a news article in Diário de Notícias showcasing why our sector is essential for citizens in their daily life and in particular during the COVID-19 outbreak, specifically highlighting that air conditioning systems can be an ally in stopping the spread of infections.

TheItalian Association of Refrigeration Technicians and the reference news outlet Industria&Formazione, delivered its first “super webinar” in the form of a livestreamed event.  Taking place from 11.00to 15.00 it featured 17 speakers from the leading global HVACR players (among them EFCTC the European associations for fluorocarbons, U-3ARC The Pan-African Association).

With 15 speeches and 237 participants the conversations focused on “The latest technologies in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning in the time of Covid-19 – Plants, Sanitation and Disinfection, Equipment, Recovery and Recycling of Refrigerants, Training and F-Gas Certification”.

Many topics, relevant and up-to-date for the HVAC/R sector, were brought to the public’s attention, starting from the latest technologies in light of environment’s care, which are currently animating research and development strategies on alternative refrigerants, passing by the fundamental role that sanitation and disinfection of systems are playing in this crucial time of Covid-19 pandemic.

NVKL, released a video exploring what life would be like without the cooling sector…You could even win a luxury mini fridge!

Refcom, was active on Twitter sharing a series of fun facts, figures, and infographics about the ‘’Cooling Chain 4 Life’’ campaign and why it matters. Showcasing once again the wide range of areas that the cold chain has crucial implications for in society, they highlighted that 40% of the world’s vaccines are unusual in many parts of the world due to lack of refrigeration.

Snefcca reached out to their contacts highlighting that there is a constant and growing need for new candidates in the cold trades. According to their partner Pôle emploi , there are approximately 1,800 job vacancies in France alone in the refrigeration sector! This is a real opportunity for young people or those looking to re-train and specialise in something new.

SOSIAD hosted an online event with a webinar also exploring this year’s theme, ‘’Cooling Chain 4 Life’’, highlighting its importance for global health and well-being as well as the mission of refrigeration specialists in the preservation of vital foods and medicines. Did you know that due to lack of refrigeration 13% of food is lost? This could theoretically feed 950 million people!  

Facts like this shows us just how important our work is and how it can impact the quality of life and the protection of human health and the environment all over the world. Playing our part in achieving such developments for society, AREA is proud to be a part of such events highlighting how essential our sector is today all over the globe.

We look forward to seeing what we can bring for World Refrigeration Day 2021, the ‘’coolest day of the year’’!

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