Arkema develops its range of latest generation fluorogases

Date: 06 July 2018

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<div class="summary">Arkema is expanding its range of sustainable high performance solutions to assist its customers in making the transition to fluorogases with a lower GWP (global warming potential).</div>
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<div class="summary"><span style="font-size: 16px;">A major fluorogas player, Arkema is developing a low-GWP HFO product range for end-use applications in the refrigeration and insulation markets. These solutions in particular are designed to replace the HFC gases targeted by changes in the regulations.</span></div>
<div class="summary"><span style="font-size: 16px;">For industrial and commercial refrigeration applications, Arkema markets Forane</span><span style="font-size: 16px;"> 449A (XP40) in Europe, which offers a straightforward substitution solution compatible with equipment designed to run on the R-404A/507A gases and on lubricants in the refrigeration market.</span></div>
<div class="summary"><span style="font-size: 16px;">In the polyurethane foam market for insulation applications, Arkema offers Forane</span><span style="font-size: 16px;"> 1233zd in Europe and other parts of the world, an HFO blowing agent that is ozone-friendly, non flammable, and has a very low GWP.</span></div>
<div class="summary"><span style="font-size: 16px;">With this latest generation fluorogas range offering excellent performance and a lower global warming potential (GWP), Arkema fully supports the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol, which aims at a gradual reduction of the use of HFCs.</span></div>

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