BITZER provides spare parts with QR codes

Date: 18 January 2019
BITZER provides spare parts with QR codes
BITZER provides spare parts with QR codes
Another measure in the fight against product piracy: the specialist for refrigeration and air-conditioning technology BITZER has added QR codes to the packaging of its Original Spare Parts. By scanning the code, users can check the authenticity of their products plus obtain further relevant information.

Product pirates not only sell counterfeit compressors, but also fake oils and fake spare parts. BITZER has been monitoring this development and continuously improving measures to confront this known problem and protect its customers. BITZER compressors have been equipped with QR codes for an authenticity check for years; this service will now be phased in for most BITZER Original Spare Parts as well.

Only original is safe

The secure QR code protects against counterfeits as it contains information that only BITZER can provide. Each QR code is linked to the specific part and the package it comes in. When scanning the code, customers receive the respective part description and picture, part number, BITZER specific protection data, as well as direct access to the relevant documentation in the BITZER spare parts software EPARTS.
Technologically sophisticated machines like compressors need perfectly tuned components to continuously guarantee high performance. Each spare part has to perfectly match the running system. BITZER Original Spare Parts are designed together with compressor development and thus are always considered state-of-the-art technology. They come with a parts warranty and match the highest operational standards of BITZER compressors, and fast supply is guaranteed by BITZER Global Logistics Centres.

Small, but decisive

The devil is in the details: first signs of counterfeits are often already visible in the packaging. These first hints may include poor alignment of the logo print, different colour schemes of the BITZER logo or a lower-quality cardboard box. Fake spare parts themselves show risks of low performance due to wrong dimensions as well as poor materials, machining and finish.
The use of non-original spare parts puts compressor safety and reliability at serious risk: they can lead to significant damages and could cause the compressor to break down. Therefore, BITZER recommends not to use such components. Customers are advised to contact their nearest BITZER office if they doubt the originality of their supposed BITZER spare parts or upon discovering counterfeits.
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