CAREL and MathWorks Announce Integration of STone and Simulink for Enhanced HVAC/R Programming

Date: 13 June 2024
CAREL and MathWorks Announce Integration of STone and Simulink for Enhanced HVAC/R Programming
At the SPS Italia event on May 29, CAREL unveiled the integration of its new STone programming tool with MATLAB - Simulink, in collaboration with MathWorks, a global leader in mathematical computing software. This partnership aims to streamline the programming process in the HVAC/R industry by leveraging advanced modelling and simulation capabilities.

MATLAB - Simulink, widely recognized as a standard in modelling software, provides a block diagram environment for designing systems with multi-domain models and performing simulations before implementation. The integration of MATLAB - Simulink into STone, announced during the presentation "The Path to Innovation: Modelling, Simulation and Programming of Automatic Systems with MATLAB and Simulink," marks a significant advancement in industrial automation and digital solutions.

This collaboration allows for the use of advanced models and simulations directly within the HVAC/R development environment. By enabling seamless transfer of control logic from simulation models to practical programming, the integration reduces the need to recreate logic from scratch. Consequently, R&D teams can focus more on innovation and continuous improvement, rather than addressing redundant problems.

A key strength of STone is its compatibility with third-party software, which enhances the HVAC/R software development environment by integrating with leading technologies. This compatibility not only reduces programming times but also increases the reliability of the machine logic created.

During the presentation, speakers demonstrated how the use of advanced models and simulations developed in MATLAB - Simulink, and subsequently imported into the HVAC/R development environment, can significantly reduce development times while increasing the reliability of the control logic. This integration promises to improve efficiency, reliability, and innovation in HVAC/R programming.

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