Celebrating 100 Years Of Ashrae’s Minnesota Chapter

Date: 10 May 2018
This week, ASHRAE’s Minnesota chapter is celebrating their legacy of leadership in advancing the arts and science of HVAC for 100 years. The centennial celebration gives us an ideal milestone to reflect on the impact ASHRAE has made to the industry and to the careers of Daikin employees and Minnesota sales representatives. Collectively, those who have experienced the society agree that involvement in ASHRAE has benefited their careers beyond measure. By creating a place for those dedicated to building environments, the society has excelled at improving the industry while boosting careers of members. We spoke with three Daikin employees and a leader of one of our independent sales representative firms about their experience with ASHRAE’s Minnesota chapter. Here’s their take on the unique way ASHRAE has influenced their experience. ASHRAE has supported me in my professional development after getting involved early on at the society level in a number of committees. I quickly learned how to manage a meeting, listen to varying view points and opinions, and collaborate among different professionals (even competitors) in order to get things done. At the end of the day, we are all in the HVAC business and simply want to do what is right for the industry. My experience at the society level prepared me for leadership roles within the MN Chapter. Due to my involvement, I was asked to join the Board of Governors, an 8-year commitment ending with being Chapter President in 2017. I recently took on a 3-year position as a Regional Vice Chair. As I look back, ASHRAE has given me valuable management and leadership experience to become successful in my career. I’m grateful Daikin has encouraged me to be involved in ASHRAE and understands the importance of giving back to the industry. Duane Rothstein, Government Vertical Market Manager, Daikin Applied I became involved with our local Minnesota Chapter of ASHRAE in the late 80s when I was 30 after a customer suggested it. My initial involvement on a committee led to me chairing that committee. At that point, I was attending monthly board meetings to give my committee reports and interfacing at an entirely new level with people that could be considered my customers, but also with other leaders in our business that I had not previously met.It was a natural progression to then run for a Board of Governors position and progress through the officer chairs of Secretary, Treasurer, President elect, Chapter President in 1993-94, and then Past President. I definitely got more out of my involvement in our local ASHRAE chapter than the time and effort it took (which at times was significant). I value the relationships that were formed with fellow individuals that were giving time and energy back to our industry. Matt Holland, Chairman, SVL ASHRAE has been fantastic for me and my career. My first manager told me right away that I should get involved and encouraged me to go to the chapter meetings. I felt a little out of place at first, but conversations came easier after I realized that I have a lot more in common with ASHRAE members than many others in my life. A big change for me came when I was asked to join an ASHRAE technical committee. Working with people to solve problems and find consensus was challenging, but, through the process, I learned a lot about our industry and how to prevent problems. Engineers are passionate about avoiding problems—and especially not repeating them—so sharing ASHRAE practical wisdom about lessons learned and how to avoid many difficulties has helped me to be a much better engineer. I am grateful to the many ASHRAE members for sharing and building the entire HVAC industry. Jay Eldridge LEED AP, North Central and South Central Region Applied Equipment Sales Manager, Daikin Applied Although I have only recently become formally involved with ASHRAE, I have been in the HVAC industry for 40 years and admire their contributions to building codes, energy savings, construction quality, and society in general. ASHRAE deserves respect from the construction, HVAC, and refrigeration community because they represent the best, unbiased experience in the industry. They also enable and even fund much of the industry’s key research, constantly pushing the industry forward. Their consensus standards, guidelines and general recommendations are very influential and effective.For example, ASHRAE energy savings standards are adopted throughout the world and greatly reduce HVAC&R energy consumption each year, the best standards by far for comfort and indoor air quality and have testing procedures that encourage and strongly influence HVAC&R providers to quote honest performance to their customers. Henry “Skip” Ernst, Trade Associations and Regulations Manager, Daikin Applied ASHRAE’s Minnesota chapter’s influence on the industry and Daikin is unsurpassed. Congratulations on the centennial milestone! As the world’s leading innovator in HVAC, we look forward to building upon the legacy the Society has created.
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