Centro Studi Galileo Trains 24 Chinese Professionals On R290 Air Conditioning

Date: 09 January 2019
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Centro Studi Galileo, a Italian training institute in the sectors of refrigeration, air conditioning and renewable energy, held a course on Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Best Practice using Natural Alternative Refrigerants; in particular, split R290-based (propane) air-conditioning systems. 

The course, attended by 24 Chinese trainers and engineers, took place at the Yantai Vocational College on 9-11 December 2018. At the opening ceremony, Mr. Qu Lubin, Director of the Department of Automobile and Marine Engineering of the Chinese College, warmly welcomed and thanked the trainees and trainees and introduced the development of refrigeration and air conditioning technology in YTVC. Prof. Luca Rollino, expert lecturer from Centro Studi Galileo in Italy, taught the foundation of environmental protection knowledge and showed the best practices in installation and servicing with R-290, going as well in-deep into practice. The training aims to improve the refrigeration maintenance skills of refrigeration & air conditioning practitioners and teachers, enhance environmental protection awareness in the process of installation and maintenance and promote industry enterprises to minimize ozone-depleting refrigerant emissions. 

The training week coincided with the announcement of a commitment by major Chinese room air conditioner (RAC) manufacturers to sell no fewer than 220,000 propane (R290) split-type RAC units in the domestic Chinese market. This Chinese-Italian joint refrigeration training is one of the first independent international exchange trainings ever held in the refrigeration field. During the training, the trainees diligently studied the advanced knowledge and ideas of European refrigeration and actively participated in the operation. At the end of the training, the Centro Studi Galileo in Italy issued training certificates to qualified trainees.

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