China Refrigeration 2018 overview and pictures

Date: 10 April 2018
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The 29th China Refrigeration, Air-conditioning, Heating and Ventilation, Frozen Food Processing, Packing and Storage (CR Expo in short), jointly sponsored by China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Beijing Sub-council (CCPIT Beijing), China Association of Refrigeration, China Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Industry Association, and organized by Beijing International Exhibition Center, is helding ceremoniously on April 9-11th, 2018 at new China International Exhibition Center Beijing.

中国制冷展, CRH 2018

As one of the largest-scale exhibitions in the global HVAC&R industry, the CR Expo are attending by 1,140 exhibitors with exhibition area covering 106,800 square meters and net area 46,431 square meters. The CR Expo are presenting by companies, industrial organizations and governmental organs from over 30 nations and regions. The exhibits cover all the famous brands from the global HVAC&R industry. It is predicted that there will be nearly 60,000 professional audiences and users from over 100 nations and regions present in the CR Expo seeking for business opportunities. The CR Expo is themed with “Balanced development with higher quality and efficiency, shared future with common vision and aspirations". The organizing committee will center on the theme, in combination with the national industrial policies and industrial highlights, launch rich- contented campaigns during the CR Expo. 

Themed forum, seminar, technical exchange and so forth

The CR Expo will launch themed forum, seminar, technical exchange and so forth amounting to over 50 rounds as predicted. The seminar will incorporate the national industrial policies and global market context, such as the related technology for the ice-making and (snowmaking) for the Winer Olympics venue, heat pump and people*s livelihood. The related department of the China Association for Science and Technology will launch high- level seminar on the industrial highlights.

More professional audiences In scale

The CR Expo organizing committee works harder at mobilizing more professional audiences in scale. The United Nations Environment Programs (UN Environment) will organize high-level official observation delegations from Southeast Asia, South Asia and West Asia in the field of state ozone and energy efficacy, when there will be 70-plus governmental officials from 35 nations attending the ozone climate technology road show and round table conference as well as observing the CR Expo. The chief engineer observation group from design institute in the field of the nationwide HVAC&R, the observation group in the field of refrigeration, and the high-end users observation group in the field of HVAC will be stronger in scale, who will pursue deeper exchange and interaction with exhibitors via more rich-contented campaigns.

Further open-up for cooperation to gather superior resources

The CR Expo Exhibition always persists in the philosophy of open-up for cooperation to attract the superior resources home and abroad to actively join in the exhibition by virtue of international, diversified and comprehensive exchange platform. Vast global famous brands could be found in the exhibition, the national pavilion from USA, Korea, India and EU w ill show up in the exhibition, and the representatives from more than 30 global professional organizations in HVAC&R industry will be present in the exhibition. The annual largest ozone climate technology- road show and round-table conference jointly sponsored by Foreign Economic Cooperation Office of Ministry of Environmental Protection, United Nations Environment Programs (U'N Environment) and United Nations Development Program (UNDP) as well as China Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Industry Association (member of CR Expo organizing committee) will be convened here, wherein a special exhibition area of nearly 600 square meters is especially erected for road show, aiming to collectively displaying progress and achievements of the latest technology made by the global HVAC&R industry in terms of the refrigerant alterative solution. American Society of Heating Refrigerating and Air* conditioning Engineer (ASHRAE) and EPEE will continue to organize one rich-contented seminar together w ith the sponsors of the exhibition.

Continued rating on innovative products during CR Expo

As the showcase for exhibitor to display their technical innovation in the products, the innovative product rating could fully reflect the latest technical achievement and development direction. The Innovative Product Rating 2018 come out with 26 innovative products from 23 companies home and abroad as rated by 28 experts via two rounds, who wilt unveil themselves during opening ceremony reception on April. 8th.

Continued preparation or CR Expo Technical Report by experts

It has been ten years to prepare for the CR Expo Technical Report. On the basis of the technical reports prepared in the past decade, we will prepare the CR Expo 10-year Technical Report Review*, making summary on the technological advance of HVAC&R industry with the times, and review the history of CR Expo in the past decade. When recalling the history, we could get firmer in our development faith, and dedicate to promoting the technical innovation and industrial progress.

The CR Expo’s following highlights are under spotlight.

Exclusive exhibition pavilions combine with industrial highlights

The organizing committee will allocate exclusive zone according to the industrial highlights to separately accommodate the cold chain pavilion, ozone climate technology road show pavilion, and heat pump pavilion, where in the ozone climate technology road show pavilion fully shows the followings: achievements made on honoring the Montreal Protocol and heat pump demo program as well as the responsible application of refrigerant The heat pump pavilion will centrally show the latest technology, product application and solution in the industry. In addition, there w ill he forum and promotion campaigns on heat pump technology development and application etc. via focusing on the heat pump and people’s livelihood related topics.

Stronger Intellectual property right protection

The CR Expo organizing committee will put up the pavilion for the intellectual property right at the exhibition spot, and invites professionals familiar with law, intellectual property right and patent to work at the spot, so as to offer timely service for intellectual property right disputes. The organizing committee will, via summing up the past intellectual property right cases of each CR Expo, rigidly review the qualifications of the exhibitors. We sign the commitment letter on intellectual property right protection with each exhibitor. When an exhibitor fails to fulfill the commitment, we will take corresponding measures, such as the inclusion of the blacklist, it is forbidden to attend the CR Expo for whomever in the list.

Smart and customized CR Expo

The CR Expo organizing committee, by virtue of the database management system, arranges for the pavilion and professional audience classification in precise fashion. There are more and more audiences pre-registering online in advance. The CR Expo exhibition housekeeper system could enable the exhibitors to merely use the mobile APP to easily know about the audience and their concerned product field. The organizing committee, in particular, will launch the online pavilion application system this year, making the exhibitors all-round paperless sign-up possible, and contributing its part to the green exhibition. The expansion and growth of the CR Expo and its transformation from scale to brand comes true thanks to the great support from the vast peers in the field of HVAC&R and care from all w alks of society. The CR Expo organizing committee will, in the context of the existing achievements, adhere to the past good traditions, keep delivering one international, diversified, professional and comprehensive exchange and exhibition platform in all-round service of the exhibitors and the society at large regardless of the w ind and rain, so as to contributing its part for the bright future of HVAC&R industry and people's better life in China.

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