CIAT Launches #CIAT4ife in Europe

Date: 13 May 2021
CIAT Launches #CIAT4ife in Europe
CIAT shares its commitment to help preserve the health and well-being of everyone in everyday life with the launch of #CIAT4life, a campaign to spread awareness of CIAT’s advanced IAQ solutions and services to help create healthier indoor environments. 

To meet the challenges, of pollution factors and the risk of spreading airborne diseases, CIAT provides a range of air conditioning solutions specially designed to deliver improved IAQ. Recognized for its airside expertise, CIAT provides confidence, tailored solutions, advice and efficiency. CIAT is committed to helping customers transform each of their buildings into a decisive shield against airborne intruders.

Through #CIAT4life, CIAT strives to support customers improve their IAQ with its new BluEdge service platform, CIAT delivers a best-in-class service and aftermarket offering, providing peace of mind to customers with superior service throughout the lifecycle of their HVAC equipment. CIAT offers expert services such as consultation, implementation, and continuous monitoring to advice consumer restart, operate, maintain, and upgrade their buildings safely and efficiently. Through its Indoor Air Quality Assessments, CIAT can test air quality and develop and implement upgrades to help ensure optimal filtration, ventilation, airflow, and controls for their customers. CIAT experts can also develop and implement company wide IAQ engineering standards.

CIAT offers innovative technologies to help address pollution factors and the risk of spreading disease, pathogens, and bacteria. CIAT, offers new equipment and retrofit including innovative filtration technologies with various terminal filters and HEPA filters for particulate matters. CIAT also offers devices using UV-C light, to help remove volatile organic compounds and improve IAQ thanks to UV photocatalytic oxidation.

To help create a safer space, CIAT has developed the CIAT CLEAN LINETM Dual Mode Air Scrubber & Negative Air Machine. As an air scrubber, the unit can improve IAQ by helping to filter the smallest particle sizes that may carry bacteria and pathogens, then discharging cleaner air back in the room. The machine can also create negative pressure to prevent air from spreading to adjacent rooms in the building.

“CIAT is proud to offer solutions and services to improve indoor environments for everyone in everyday life through innovative IAQ technologies,” said Juan Jose Francisco Diez, Marketing Manager, Airside Products, HVAC Europe, CIAT. “Customers can rely on the expertise of our fully dedicated airside Research and Design Centre and laboratory in Culoz, France, to offer the best innovations in airside applications.”
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