Conversion of shares and completed split in Beijer Ref AB

Date: 01 May 2021
Conversion of shares and completed split in Beijer Ref AB

According to Beijer Ref AB’s Articles of Association, the owner of Class A shares has the right to request that the share should be converted into Class B share. At the request of shareholders, 480,000 Class A shares have been converted into 480,000 Class B shares. Through the transformation, the total number of votes in the company decreases.

After the conversion but before the split, the total number of shares and votes in Beijer Ref amounts to 127,434,690 shares and 212,383,170 votes, respectively. 9,438,720 of these shares are A shares, representing 94,387,200 votes, and 117,995,970 are B shares, representing the same number of votes. Beijer Ref’s share capital and the share’s quota value are unchanged because of this conversion.

In connection with a conversion, the company has an obligation under the Act (1991: 980) on trading in financial instruments to publish information about the change in this way.

As a result of the share split (3: 1) decided by the Annual General Meeting of Beijer Ref on April 15, 2021, the number of shares in Beijer Ref has increased by 254,869,380. The total number of shares as of April 30, 2021 is 382,304,070, of which 28 316,160 Series A shares and 353,987,910 Series B shares, corresponding to a total of 637,149,510 votes.

As a result of the division, the shares in Beijer Ref have changed ISIN codes. The new ISIN code for the Class A share is SE0015949730 and the new ISIN code for the Class B share is SE0015949748. The company’s share capital is unchanged at SEK 371,684,512.50, while the share value of the share has changed from SEK 2.92 to approximately SEK 0.97 after the share split has been completed.

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