Daikin adds new Refrigerant Leak Detection capability to remote monitoring services for chiller

Date: 18 October 2021
Daikin adds new Refrigerant Leak Detection capability to remote monitoring services for chiller
Daikin has announced the launch of a new, smart Refrigeration Leak Detection feature to assist chiller equipment and plant users with safety management and F-Gas compliance.

The technology behind the new function is based on a unique new software algorithm developed by Daikin which uses historical data to raise an alarm in the event of a potential leakage and to report on the frequency of occurrences over time, allowing users to decide whether action is required.

The new algorithm detects even slow gas leakages over an extended load range, starting at 33% of unit load compared to 50% for other applications on the market, while referencing data from one month up to the 12 months previously.

Detection of small leaks at an early stage allows Daikin engineers to intervene promptly, minimising discomfort to the customer and conserving valuable refrigerant.

The new Refrigerant Leakage Detection service is now available as part of the Daikin on Site (DoS) cloud-based remote monitoring and control system. Setting new performance standards, the new Refrigerant Leak Detection service is distinguished by convenience and cost-effectiveness, as well as by the intelligent technology behind it.

Monitoring through the existing cloud removes the need for additional refrigerant leakage detection sensors and a local controller, helping to offset initial system purchase costs. The machine learning technology incorporated in the DoS cloud services enables improved detection rates of 15% for leakages, surpassing current market performance. Faster leak identification and repair prevents the release of harmful refrigerants into the atmosphere, helping users to minimize their environmental impact.

The Refrigerant Leak Detection function can also be suppled bundled as part of a maintenance contract for users who choose to outsource monitoring and management services, where the service engineer receives an alarm at the time of leakage detection, analyses the situation remotely and on site, and quotes necessary repair measures as necessary.

Daikin plans to extend its refrigerant leak detection capabilities soon, with the introduction of a comprehensive refrigerant management service to assist Daikin equipment users with F Gas compliance through a one stop shop that includes the management of the amount of refrigerant and fulfilment of inspection requirements.

The new Refrigerant Leak Detection Service is the latest in a series of advances, driven by a continuous product development programme which is focused on innovation, performance and energy efficiency.
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