Daikin Applied Acquires Dynamic Controls Inc.

Date: 14 October 2021
Daikin Applied Acquires Dynamic Controls Inc.
Daikin Applied announced the acquisition of Dynamic Controls, Inc., a St. Louis-based building systems integrator supporting the facility management, engineering and construction communities with locations across the Midwest and Rocky Mountains regions.

The move brings a new set of capabilities to Daikin Applied, a division of Daikin Industries, Ltd., the world’s largest heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) manufacturer. Daikin Applied has a legacy of designing and delivering innovative HVAC solutions that not only provide unmatched comfort, but address larger societal needs like improving air quality and cutting carbon emissions. Its offerings include equipment, services and controls for commercial and industrial facilities.

With Dynamic Controls’ integration expertise, Daikin Applied will link these HVAC technologies with other building systems, such as security, life safety and energy management. The connectivity provides an enterprise-wide view of the entire facility, as well as comprehensive data and analytics, so customers can control and enhance all aspects of their operation.

“HVAC is one critical piece of a larger ecosystem that needs to be managed,” said Mike Schwartz, president and CEO of Daikin Applied. “Dynamic Controls offers the skills and experience to combine our industry-leading equipment and controls into a customized and integrated building systems solution. A fully connected and optimized enterprise gives owners and operators the tools and insights to create more efficient, safe, healthy and comfortable spaces.”

Daikin Applied serves customers through a network of independent and company-owned sales representatives and service offices. Dynamic Controls will collaborate and consult with these groups to bring a more diverse set of solutions and new value to customers.

“Daikin is the right fit for Dynamic Controls and the same is true in reverse,” said Jeff Gross, Dynamic Controls president and CEO. “Not only do we build on each other’s strengths, we have a shared passion for defining what’s possible and delivering an unrivaled customer experience. We’re thrilled to join the Daikin team and be part of its ongoing success.”

Dynamic Controls has offices in Colorado, Illinois, Missouri and Wyoming. It also operates as Energy Tech Systems, Inc. in North Dakota. Combined, they are the leading systems integrators in their territories and Schneider Electric EcoXpert Partners. The companies will join the Daikin Applied business, but will retain their entire staff, as well as the Dynamic Controls and Energy Tech Systems names.

The acquisition furthers Daikin Applied’s efforts to augment best-in-class technologies with complete lifecycle solutions.
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