Daikin Launches its Zanotti Range of Van and Truck Refrigeration Solutions in northern European markets

Date: 28 December 2020
Daikin Launches its Zanotti Range of Van and Truck Refrigeration Solutions in northern European markets
Daikin Launches its Zanotti Range of Van and Truck Refrigeration Solutions in Belgium, France, Germany and The Netherlands Bolstering its European Presence.

Zanotti’s decades of refrigeration expertise in southern and eastern Europe, now combined with Daikin’s unparalleled design and manufacturing capabilities, brings new solutions to the market.

Daikin Transport Refrigeration, a subsidiary of Daikin Industries Limited, a global leader, present in more than 150 countries, shaping the future of heating, cooling, ventilation and refrigeration systems, increases its coverage in Europe adding sales and service of van and truck transport refrigeration across key northern European markets.  

Junji Umamoto, Vice President, Daikin Europe, said “The northern European launch of the well-known Zanotti brand is the culmination of Zanotti’s decades of refrigeration expertise now combined with Daikin’s unparalleled design and manufacturing capabilities. We are investing in our products, our people and our partners as we expand into these markets with a clear mission to become the customers’ top choice in road transport refrigeration across the entire van and truck range.” 

The Daikin Group, with 95 years of leadership in air conditioning and refrigeration is world-renowned for its pioneering approach to product development and the unrivalled quality and versatility of its integrated solutions. The company acquired Zanotti in 2016 and since this time has been investing in all aspects of the business, from R&D and manufacturing to sales and service and commercial capabilities. Zanotti is a refrigeration specialist founded in 1962 with decades of experience meeting the needs of commercial and industrial refrigeration, and the transportation of fresh and frozen products. 

With decades of experience in refrigerated transport and its comprehensive portfolio of products and services, linked to flexible tailor-made solutions, Zanotti is committed to lowering the total cost of ownership for its customers across its entire range: 

The Invisible range of units, unique to the market, are installed beneath the chassis of the vehicle preserving the aesthetics, original height and aerodynamics. In the last four years alone, Invisible units have been installed in thousands of vehicles proving especially popular with food retail and pharma companies. 

The Zero range of units, offer excellent flexibility for light commercial vehicles thanks to its easy installation and serviceability and options to mount the condensing unit on the roof or the front wall of the box as well as an ultra-thin evaporator installed in the cargo compartment to maximise cargo volume. 

The SFZ light truck range light to medium trucks is a proven design optimized for energy efficiency, low noise, and easy-to-service transport of temperature-controlled goods in medium sized boxes.  

The newly redesigned Uno range of units are independently powered and available in various capacities for medium to heavy trucks. The Uno features Zanotti’s innovative direct coupling design between the engine and the compressor and utilises Daikin’s expertise in design for reliability and performance to deliver high cooling performance, energy efficiency and extended maintenance intervals to minimise the total cost of ownership. 

“We have taken the experience and leadership of Zanotti for providing highly customised transport refrigeration solutions for vans and trucks, and we’ve added investment in products, people and partners to deliver something new. Signifying this is our innovative R&D Centre for Refrigeration, adjacent to our Zanotti factory in Mantova, Italy and due for completion soon, is a unique collaborative research and development facility with ATP certified testing capacity for everything from our smallest units to our largest” continued Mr Umamoto. 

Daikin continues to invest in in its flexible and growing Dealer network supported by the Daikin Technical Support in each of the countries, providing training and sales support. The growing and extensive international service and support that comes with Daikin products includes unparalleled customer care that is here to stay; and global sales, distribution and manufacturing networks, supporting customers now also in Belgium, France, Germany and The Netherlands. 

Daikin transport refrigeration aspires to create one of the most comprehensive service and support networks in the transport refrigeration industry, welcoming new Dealers as partners that want to be part of this exciting growth journey. 

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