Danfoss announce the new Cooling United Support Hub

Date: 21 June 2019
Danfoss announce the new Cooling United Support Hub
HVACR service technicians and installers are heroes.They get the office air conditioning back up and running on a sweltering day; they come to the rescue when a cold room breaks down; and they set up local supermarkets with the latest cooling technology, lessening the impact on the environment and saving money on energy costs.

They work long hours, solve challenging problems, and venture where few others dare to tread.Their job isn’t easy, and it’s high time they got a little extra support.

Danfoss announce the new Cooling United Support Hub — a dedicated support page that makes it easy for refrigeration and air conditioning professionals to get the support they need in one place.

With a few quick clicks, they can find resources that help them get the job done faster and better, and then get to the next person in need.Troubleshooting tutorials walk them through the steps to diagnose and resolve complex repairs.Helpful and time-saving tools, like the new Magnetic Tool and TXV Superheat Tuner mobile apps, are available to download for free. Product documentation is easy to find and access. And a wide variety of training opportunities keep their technical skills sharp.
The Cooling United Support Hub is the new essential online destination for cooling professionals because it brings together the tools — and the professionals — that make a difference around the world every day. 
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