DSI Freezing Solutions announces a rebranding

Date: 01 October 2021
DSI Freezing Solutions announces a rebranding
As of October 1, DSI DANTECH is a reality, and the global food industry has its first and only partner offering both cryogenic, mechanical and plate technology for freezing, cooling and heating quality food.

In May 2021, DSI Freezing Solutions A/S acquired Cryogenic Equipment and Services NV, a world leader in cryogenic freezing technology, and Dantech Freezing Solutions A/S, a leader in mechanical freezers and thermal treatment systems for the food industry. Today, the group takes further steps in the integration process and announces a new brand identity including a new logo and name.

The result is DSI DANTECH. A new company built on the three former family-owned organizations with similar values and owner structures. A company with a strong set-up across Asia, Europe, and the US. Ensuring a strong global presence has been an important benchmark for DSI DANTECH, as the company has a defined objective of being close to customers to ensure strong local service and support but also in a broader sense to be able to offer strong customized solutions.

“Our contribution to the food industry is offering the right solution for each of our customers. We have great experience with all types of thermal treatment ¬– from cryogenic to mechanical and plate technology. We can provide truly objective guidance, so the customer gets the optimal solution that matches their production and quality needs”, says Lars Priess, CEO of DSI DANTECH.

As such, DSI DANTECH is a new company joined around a vision of optimizing customers’ results while at the same time contributing to the protection of our environment. 

“The food industry is under increasing pressure to deliver sustainable food. DSI Dantech can play an active role in helping them reach their objectives by reducing energy, water and chemicals usage”, Lars Priess says, before he continues “But we can do more than minimize our customers’ environmental footprint. We can provide guidance and customized solutions that sustain the quality of food, and we can add equipment that help our customers minimize food waste”.

New name and identity mark the new era
To mark the start of a new era, the company presents their new name flanked by a new visual identity. The name reflects the well-known brands and supports the history of quality thermal treatment solutions of the three former units. It also taps into the proud Danish tradition of state-of-the-art food technology. The visual identity is distinct and reflects the three company values; craftmanship, strong relations and can do-attitude. It also includes a new logo, that honors the three former companies and hints the three technologies, DSI DANTECH offers.

To present the global food industry with a serious international player in food technology, all production and service across the globe are in place, just as all support functions from IT and finance to HR and marketing are set up. 
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