E-mart Selects Opteon XP40 (R-449A) Low GWP Refrigerant in Korea

Date: 02 April 2019
E-mart Selects Opteon XP40 (R-449A) Low GWP Refrigerant in Korea
The Chemours Company (Chemours) announced that Opteon XP40 (R-449A), its low global-warming-potential (GWP) hydrofluoroolefin (HFO) refrigerant, has been selected by Korea's largest hypermarket chain, E-mart, for use in their refrigeration systems.

The adoption of low GWP refrigerants is a critical step for E-mart to fulfill its commitment to sustainability. The adoption of Opteon XP40 refrigerant will help improve the energy efficiency in E-mart stores across Asia Pacific with added benefits such as product quality to end customers. E-mart is aggressively expanding its scale and aims to have more than 200 stores operating with Opteon XP40 refrigerant by 2030.

Opteon XP40 provides a non-ozone depleting, low GWP HFO based refrigerant replacement for R-404A, R-407A, and R-22 in commercial refrigeration applications. With a GWP of 1282 (AR5), Opteon XP40 refrigerant reduces carbon dioxide (CO2 ) emissions by 67% and improves energy efficiency by up to 12% when compared to R-404A. Additionally, Opteon XP40 also reduces CO2 by 33% when compared to R-407A. The significant reduction in GWP with improving energy efficiency makes Opteon XP40 an optimal solution for retailers to stay ahead of global environmental regulations, without sacrificing system performance or long-term sustainability goals.

"It's great to see E-mart proactively securing a long-term, sustainable refrigerant choice ahead of environmental regulations in the Asia Pacific region." said Diego Boeri, vice president of Chemours Fluorochemicals. "Opteon XP40 has been widely accepted by many of the world's largest food retailers, and through this, Chemours has built a successful track record in leading and supporting the transition to low GWP refrigerant solutions. We are pleased to see E-mart leading the transition in Korea.

Chemours is proud to offer a full portfolio of low GWP refrigerant solutions to enable customers to meet their regulatory obligations while also achieving economic and environmental sustainability goals. Opteon XP40 is part of a broad portfolio of refrigerant solutions for commercial refrigeration, chillers, air conditioning & heat pumps that allow the market to choose the optimal solution to meet their needs.

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