Eurovent continues to prepare in Madrid its proposal on ecodesign criteria for refrigerated furniture

Date: 18 September 2019
Eurovent continues to prepare in Madrid its proposal on ecodesign criteria for refrigerated furniture
AEFYT, the association of the reference cold in Spain acts as the host of the meeting, the objective is to help define a reference model for a standardized proposal on energy requirements of refrigerating furniture.

Large companies in the commercial refrigeration sector will meet on September 17 and 18 in Madrid at the meeting of the Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Group of Eurovent, European Industry Association for Indoor Air Conditioning (HVAC), Process Refrigeration and Food Cold Chain Technologies. On the table, the determination of the parameters that the refrigerated exhibitors must follow for the definition of future energy standards.

The experts are going to deal specifically with issues related to aspects not defined in the regulations and / or that need clarification for the performance of furniture efficiency tests (eg methodology on refrigerants with high slip, construction criteria of the furniture and its equipment for the standardization of the tests, furniture with defrosting with hot gas and / or with defrosting processes exceeding 24 hours, aspects related to the calculation of the ADT of exhibitors with doors and gross volume, among others, that influence ecodesign criteria).

“The manufacturers of refrigerated furniture have long awaited the definition by European legislation on ecodesign the energy parameters that this type of equipment must follow, from food distribution. The delay in this specific group of equipment has introduced elements of great uncertainty that are very harmful so that the industry can move forward safely in the changes that society is asking for, ”said Manuel Lamúa, manager of AEFYT, Association of Cold Businesses and its Technologies, which acts as the host of the meeting. "We hope that this Eurovent initiative will serve to clarify the situation and do so, in addition, taking into account the professional criteria of the cold industry," he adds.

In this regard, the meeting aims to shed light on equipment, accessories and configurations that are not completely defined in the annex referring to refrigerating furniture of EN / ISO23953-2. In this sense, proposals will be issued to make a list of the elements not included in the standard, the parameters related to efficiency that must be taken into account and the eco-efficiency models that can be extrapolated. The objective is to help define the reference model for a standardized proposal for the configuration of refrigeration furniture based on the new energy requirements.

The proposals developed by the Eurovent group at this meeting are especially important because the standard will not be updated before the entry into force of the EPREL (European Product Database for Energy Labelling), which is expected in the coming months.
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