Eurovent Recommendation on Machinery Regulation

Date: 19 February 2024
Eurovent Recommendation on Machinery Regulation
The Eurovent Product Group ‘Evaporative Cooling Equipment’ (PG-CT) has released its third version of Recommendation 9/11 – 2023: Application of Machinery Safety Regulation for cooling towers. It outlines the elements composed in machinery and their importance.

The Eurovent 9/11 Recommendation is to be used as a guideline by the manufacturers of Cooling towers, closed circuit coolers, condensers and thermal storage products. Briefly, it gives a background of the machinery sector and its importance and provides a factor that, cooling towers, closed circuit coolers, condensers and thermal storage products shall be intended as partly completed machinery. The Recommendation also illustrates that manufacturers are not allowed to fix a CE marking on the above-mentioned products.

Laurent Petiot, Chairperson of the Eurovent PG-CT, stated: “For almost two decades, our equipment have been considered as quasi machines. Indeed, these types of equipment are not self-operating units when they are delivered, and as such, they have to be integrated, connected and regulated in a whole process. As a consequence, they will be delivered with a Certificate of Incorporation instead of a CE Marking.“

This document was published by Eurovent and was prepared in a joint effort by participants of the Product Group ‘Evaporative Cooling Equipment’ (PG-CT)which covers Wet Cooling Towers, Open Circuit Towers, Fluid Coolers, Closed Circuit Towers, Evaporative Condensers, Hybrid Models and components related to these products (e.g. Fans and Drift Eliminators). It is the main working group dedicated to Cooling Tower manufacturers and represents a vast majority of all manufacturers of these products active on the EMEA market The document can be downloaded free of charge in the Publications section on the Eurovent website.

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