Eurovent: Some calls of note for the HVACR industry

Date: 21 July 2021
Eurovent: Some calls of note for the HVACR industry

The first LIFE Call for proposals opened under the new LIFE programme 2021-2027, which comprises four sub-programmes: nature & biodiversity, circular economy and quality of life, climate change mitigation and adaptation and the clean energy transition.

Scope of the calls

Of the 33 funding and tenders the following present an interest to the HVACR industry, some of which are accompanied by a 10 to 15 minutes YouTube presentation explaining the objective:

  • Facing the increase in cooling demand of buildings in the coming years


  • Climate Change Mitigation (related to emissions and F-Gases)
  • Fostering sustainable energy uptake along the whole value chain in industry and services
  • BUILD UP Skills – rebooting the National Platforms and Roadmaps


  • Creating the conditions for a global improvement of smart readiness of European buildings
  • Large-scale rollout of buildings renovation
  • Multilevel climate and energy dialogue to deliver the energy governance
  • Climate Change Adaptation

Specific information on how to draft projects or find partners is available on the LIFE website, some of which are also explained in YouTube videos. It can be recommended to browse through the info session recordings and presentations before you start writing your proposal, that unfortunately do not necessarily have the same title as the call.

Recommended actions

Some associations or companies might be interested in participating to some of these calls, most of these will run over several years.

At present the overview does not contain many organisations that are looking for collaborating partners, nor have proposals yet been formulated to respond to these calls.

In view of the recent studies that lacked stakeholder involvement it may prove useful to keep an eye on these calls and the related proposals that would appear.

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