Fujitsu's Immersion Cooling System Wins the 2018 Energy Conservation Grand Prize

Date: 22 January 2019
Fujitsu's Immersion Cooling System Wins the 2018 Energy Conservation Grand Prize
Fujitsu's Immersion Cooling System Wins the 2018 Energy Conservation Grand Prize
Fujitsu Limited announced that it has received the Energy Conservation Grand Prize for 2018 in the Product and Business Model category of the Agency of Natural Resources and Energy Director-General's Awards for the first time. The prize was awarded for the Fujitsu Server PRIMERGY Immersion Cooling System, which provides revolutionary energy savings, and recognizes the Immersion Cooling System as not just an ICT device, but an advanced energy saving system that reduces power consumption for entire datacenters. Through its innovative products and energy-saving services, Fujitsu demonstrates its continued commitment to contributing to the digital transformation and reduced energy consumption of its customers, as well as to the mitigation of the impacts of climate change.

About the Energy Conservation Grand Prize

The Energy Conservation Grand Prize is part of an awards system intended to contribute to the achievement of an energy-saving society through measures including the expansion of energy-saving awareness and promoting the popularization of energy saving products throughout Japan. The awards scheme accomplishes this mission through its recognition of outstanding examples of energy-saving programs in addition to advanced, high efficiency energy-saving products.

Award Background

In recent years the growing prevalence of technologies such as IoT and artificial intelligence (AI) has contributed to concerns about the rise in energy consumption accompanying the continued dramatic increase in data volumes and processing loads handled by datacenters. Fujitsu developed the Immersion Cooling System by working to commercialize new cooling systems, aiming to provide a comprehensive energy-saving solution that takes into account both ICT devices and datacenter facilities as a unified whole. Through such developments as supercomputers, the company has cultivated the i liquid cooling technology over many years. This award recognizes that this product contributes to energy savings while providing the high usability demanded in datacenter operations.

About the Liquid Immersion Cooling System

This product is a cooling system designed to efficiently and evenly cool servers by immersing them entirely in a cooling liquid. The system provides significant energy savings because it doesn't disperse the heat generated by the servers into the room, which not only renders air conditioning unnecessary, but also eliminates the need for cooling fans installed on the servers themselves. Due to these factors, the system reduces the overall power consumption of a server system, including cooling equipment, by about 40%(1) compared to air cooled systems, contributing to a reduction in CO2 emissions. Moreover, the system can more or less double server installation density in terms of installation space(2), also contributing to reduced TCO(3).

[1] Reduces the total power consumption for the server system as a whole by about 40% Evaluated with a server system consisting of 96 PRIMERGY CX2560 M4 multi-node servers, comparing the power consumption of an air conditioning system and internal server fans against an immersion cooling version with the same configuration. Because the reduction effect depends on the installation environment, Fujitsu does not guarantee a power consumption reduction value in customer environments.
[2] Double the server density in the same installation space Evaluated with a server system consisting of 80 PRIMERGY CX2560 M4 multi-node servers, with 4 rack units required with air cooling that can be reduced to 2 immersion baths with the liquid immersion cooling method. Because the improvement depends on the installation environment, Fujitsu does not guarantee a degree of server density in customer environments.
[3] TCO Total cost of ownership. Includes the costs to deploy, operate and maintain the system.
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