HTS New England Merges with Control Technologies

Date: 05 June 2018
HTS New England announced plans to merge operations with Control Technologies, Inc. to provide integrated HVAC equipment and controls for the region. Together, HTS and CTI offer customers a single source for comprehensive HVAC systems with high-quality building automation solutions. “HTS New England is expanding as a full service HVAC supplier who can fulfill our customers’ needs for a complete system,” said Jeff Ritchie, HTS New England principal. “Controls are an important piece of this equation and through our partnership with CTI, we become a qualified source of both equipment and building automation. The joint entity will deliver the industry’s leading HVAC equipment with the most advanced I/P based DDC controls system on the market to increase operational efficiencies and lower lifetime costs. Utilizing building analytics in addition to properly installed and commissioned control systems decreases energy and maintenance expenses throughout the life of the equipment. Customizable solutions from HTS New England and CTI are ideal for specialized applications including central utility controls and laboratory control systems. “The combined skill set of CTI and HTS is a perfect blend,” said Bruce Merges, CEO of CTI. “CTI’s strength lies in its knowledge of HVAC systems and their optimum operation, along with the capability to employ a cutting edge IoT environment that maximizes the return on investment. At the same time, HTS has a deep understanding of the HVAC equipment and related implementation that matches perfectly with CTI’s solutions. The partnership creates a seamless experience for customers and reduces system start-up issues. Improved reliability paired with powerful features makes operation simpler and less expensive for end users. Customers can also coordinate after-sale service more easily by working with HTS New England for all system-related responsibilities. Using a single provider allows for faster commissioning times, and ensures that technicians possess full system expertise. “CTI and HTS together will be the largest independent HVAC solutions provider in New England,” said Len Pattison, CTI chairman of the board. “The products and capabilities will exceed those of the proprietary factory-based solutions of competitors. With our strong local presence and solid reputation, we will be the best-in-class in our markets. With more than 30 years of building automation experience, CTI is the regional expert in open systems. The company’s staff includes more than 65 factory-certified Distech technicians and Niagara-certified engineers. This industry knowledge enables HTS New England to fully integrate controls for equipment from leading manufacturers including Daikin chillers, heat pumps, air handlers, and more. “HTS New England has been striving to offer improved controls solutions for our clients,” said Peter Foss, HTS New England principal. “We’re excited to have the opportunity to partner with CTI, and we knew they were a perfect fit because of their established history and quality of their people and leadership. The merger will bring 148 new employees to the building automation department of HTS New England. The company also has specialized departments dedicated to HVAC equipment, parts and aftermarket products, and service. Since 2016, HTS New England has grown the region’s staff to more than three times its previous size. This growth has been accompanied by an expansion of the parts and aftermarket department with an 8,000 square foot locally stocked warehouse. HTS New England is the regional division of the largest independent commercial HVAC manufacturer’s representative in North America.
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